Body Structures and Functions

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Authors : Ann Senisi Scott; Elizabeth Fong


544 Pages  Hardcover 

12th Edition

©2014 , Published


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BODY STRUCTURES AND FUNCTION, 12E introduces your students to the basics required for the study of the human body and how it functions in a clear and concise manner. This book takes them from a general introduction to life functions, the terminology used to describe body parts and their locations, t... more


Includes an Infection Control and Standard Precautions chapter that emphasizes the importance of maintaining health and safety in the health care work environment.

Includes Career Profiles that provide insight into today’s hottest health care careers.

Includes “Did You Know" boxes that features fu... more

New to this Edition

CourseMate Available.

Phonetic pronunciations for difficult-to-pronounce terms added to each chapter.

New feature: One Body. Feature details how each body system works with other body systems to maintain balance).

Includes new guidelines for CPR.

Includes new FDA My Plate and dietary guidelines....