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Fluent Plus Social Studies Big Books

$283.75 9780736271462


1 copy each of 5 titles

Teacher Supplements
Ancient Civilizations Big Book

Looks at the architecture, culture, and technology of ancient civilizations.

9780736270212 $56.75
Exploration Big Book

Considers the teamwork planning, equipment, and discoveries that are part of successful expeditions.

9780736271110 $56.75
Geography Big Book

Presents landforms, climate, and how people depend on and change Earth.

9780736270199 $56.75
Inventions Big Book

Looks at how inventions changed lives and are improved over time.

9780736271127 $56.75
Our Government Big Book

Describes roles and levels of government, and rights and responsibilities of citizens.

9780736270175 $56.75