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Reach for Reading K: Teacher Resource Package

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The Teacher Resource Package includes Read With Me Big Books Single-Copy Set (32 books total), Teamwork Activities Flip Chart 4-pack, Vocabulary Builders and CD, Alphachant Lap Book Set (26 books total), Phonics Picture Cards, Sound/Spelling Cards Set, and Benchmark Test Masters.

Teacher Supplements
Reach for Reading K (Read with Me Big Books): Single-Copy Set

This set includes 1 copy each of 32 Read with Me Big Books. Shared-reading Big Books develop concepts, vocabulary, and an understanding of print. Books also feature a built-in picture dictionary.

The 32 Big Books are:
Come with Me to School
My School Day
Feast for 10
Gio and His Family
Yo... more

Reach A: Teamwork Activities Flip Chart, 4-pack

The Teamwork Activities Flip Chart features center activities for science, social studies, math, art, and writing.

Reach A: Vocabulary Builders and CD

The Vocabulary Builders book offers 8 scenes with manipulatives. Songs on CD are designed for interactive vocabulary development.

Phonics Picture Cards

214 double-sided picture cards are designed for phonics practice and reinforcement.

Reach for Reading K: Sound/Spelling Cards

Double sided cards with clear photographic images introduce sounds and their corresponding spellings.

Reach for Reading K: Benchmark Test Masters

Benchmark Test Masters include beginning, mid-year, and end-of-year tests. A teacher's manual is also provided.

Reach for Reading K: Teacher's Edition Set (9 Volumes)

The Teacher's Edition Set is your complete resource for planning and instruction in 9 volumes. The set includes best practices and routines, whole group and small group instruction, small group reading lessons, practice masters and answer keys, and assessment and reteaching.

Student Supplements
Reach for Reading K: Practice Book Set (2 Volumes)

This 2 volumes of the Practice Book Set feature student activities and tear-out/fold-up manipulatives that provide practice in phonics, reading, fluency, handwriting spelling, vocabulary, and grammar.

Best Buy / Other Popular Packages
Choose the textbook packaged with the resources that best meet your course and student needs. Contact your Cengage Learning representative for more information.

Reach for Reading K: Classroom Set with Leveled Library Classroom Set


Reach for Reading K: Classroom Set with Leveled Library Single-Copy Set


Reach for Reading K: Classroom Set with Leveled Library Single-Copy Set and Practice Books


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