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Reach for Reading K: Teacher Resource Package

$2470.75 9781133900207


The Teacher Resource Package includes Read With Me Big Books Single-Copy Set (32 books total), Teamwork Activities Flip Chart 4-pack, Vocabulary Builders and CD, Alphachant Lap Book Set (26 books total), Phonics Picture Cards, Sound/Spelling Cards Set, and Benchmark Test Masters.

Teacher Supplements
Reach for Reading K (Read with Me Big Books): Single-Copy Set

This set includes 1 copy each of 32 Read with Me Big Books. Shared-reading Big Books develop concepts, vocabulary, and an understanding of print. Books also feature a built-in picture dictionary.

The 32 Big Books are:
Come with Me to School
My School Day
Feast for 10
Gio and His Family
Yo... more

9781133900269 $1616.00
Reach A: Teamwork Activities Flip Chart, 4-pack

The Teamwork Activities Flip Chart features center activities for science, social studies, math, art, and writing.

9780736282413 $180.00
Reach A: Vocabulary Builders and CD

The Vocabulary Builders book offers 8 scenes with manipulatives. Songs on CD are designed for interactive vocabulary development.

9780736287999 $500.75
Phonics Picture Cards

214 double-sided picture cards are designed for phonics practice and reinforcement.

9780736279741 $144.25
Reach for Reading K: Sound/Spelling Cards

Double sided cards with clear photographic images introduce sounds and their corresponding spellings.

9781133900184 $79.50
Reach for Reading K: Benchmark Test Masters

Benchmark Test Masters include beginning, mid-year, and end-of-year tests. A teacher's manual is also provided.

9781285037981 $58.75
Reach for Reading K: Teacher's Edition Set (9 Volumes)

The Teacher's Edition Set is your complete resource for planning and instruction in 9 volumes. The set includes best practices and routines, whole group and small group instruction, small group reading lessons, practice masters and answer keys, and assessment and reteaching.

9781133900795 $508.50
Student Supplements
Reach for Reading K: Practice Book Set (2 Volumes)

This 2 volumes of the Practice Book Set feature student activities and tear-out/fold-up manipulatives that provide practice in phonics, reading, fluency, handwriting spelling, vocabulary, and grammar.

9781285347844 $19.50
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Choose the textbook packaged with the resources that best meet your course and student needs. Contact your Cengage Learning representative for more information.

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1133900550 (ISBN 10)

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