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Emergent (Social Studies): Transportation, Theme Pack Plus Fiction

$294.75 9780792277682


6 copies each of the Concept Book, 2 Nonfiction Books and 2 Fiction Books (30 books total), Theme Builder, Audiolessons on CD, and online Teacher’s Guide

Teacher Supplements


9780792261032 $9.25
Student Supplements
Windows on Literacy Emergent (Social Studies: Technology): What's on the Road?

Shows vehicles you will encounter on the road.

9780792242567 $7.50
Windows on Literacy Emergent (Social Studies: History/Culture): New and Old

This book compares contemporary and old forms of transportation -- cars, trains, airplanes, ships, and buses.

9780792242604 $8.50
Content-Based Readers Fiction Emergent (Social Studies): Ready, Set, Go!, 6-pack

A boy lines up his toy bus, truck, fire engine, van, motorcycle, and car, then sends them racing one at a time down a ramp - until his kitten intervenes.

9781426367533 $51.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Emergent (Social Studies): My Truck, 6-pack

Tina loads her truck with produce and drives to the farmer's market every day. In this beginning reader, students will read how food travels from the farm to the market.

9781426367540 $51.00
Windows on Literacy Language, Literacy & Vocabulary Emergent (Social Studies): Transportation, 6-pack

6 copies of Transportation Concept Book. Shows that people use different types of transportation to move from place to place.

9781426368288 $73.50