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inZone Books (Zone 4: 9-12): Classroom Set

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6 copies each of 9 titles and access to downloadable Teacher’s Guides and Student Journals

Student Supplements
inZone Books: Dying to Cross: The Worst Immigrant Tragedy in American History

On May 13, 2003, nineteen immigrants were found dead inside a truck traveling from Mexico to Houston. How could this tragedy have happened, and will the whole truth ever be known?

inZone Books: September 11, 2001: Attack on New York City

When the World Trade center was attacked on September 11, 2001, life in the United States changed forever. The stories of the New Yorkers who lived through the events are heartbreaking and frightening, but they show how tragedy can change everyday people into heroes.

inZone Books: Spike Lee: By Any Means Necessary

Spike Lee wanted to make movies that exposed racial inequality in ways no other filmmaker had done. Though it nearly cost him his career, Lee created films abut African Americans that inspired all races, by any means necessary.

inZone Books: Animal Farm

The animals in Manor Farm kick out their human master and take over management of the land. All animals are now equal, but soon the the pigs succumb to the temptations of privilege and power.

inZone Books: A Raisin in the Sun

The Younger family is very poor until Mama inherits $10,000. Will the money make all of their dreams come true, or will it tear the family apart?

inZone Books: Parrot in the Oven: Mi Vida

Manny Hernandez's life at home is very difficult, and his friends at school believe gangs are the best teachers. But is this really the education Manny wants?

inZone Books: Warriors Don’t Cry

In 1957, Melba Pattillo became one of the nine African American students chosen to attend an all-white high school and endured daily hateful attacks. Years later, Melba reconstructs the events of that year with diary entries and newspaper stories.

inZone Books: The Stone Goddess

A new Cambodian government takes control of the country and punishes anyone who dances. How can Nakri and Teeda survive when everything they love is at risk?

inZone Books: Left Behind: An Alaska Legend of Betrayal, Courage, and Survival

There is not enough food for a group of Athabascan Native Americans to survive the harsh Alaskan winter, and the chief must decide to leave two old women behind. Can the women survive alone, or will they die before the winter is over?