Managing Our Natural Resources

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Level(s): Flesch-Kincaid

Author : William G. Camp


512 Pages  Hardcover 

5th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2002, 1997, 1991

©2009 , Published


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Managing Our Natural Resources, fifth edition, was designed and written with people and the environment in which we live in mind. The original book was written specifically to meet the need for an up-to-date introductory level natural resources text for high school and postsecondary agricultural ed... more


Provides an examination of a large number of related topics as an introduction of the broad area of natural resources management.

The book is written with teaching methods and pedagogy specifically in mind, and chapters are written around student learning objectives.

Each unit of the book includes... more

New to this Edition

Many new full color photos and graphic illustrations have been added.

New chapter on air quality examines not only the impacts of human activity on the atmosphere but also practical and emerging management techniques that are being used to improve air quality.

The book is organized into teaching u... more