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Emergent Science Big Books

$283.75 9780736271561


1 copy each of 5 titles Spanish Edition

Teacher Supplements

Looks at parts of plants and at the sequence of plant growth.

9780736270229 $56.75
Cómo se mueven los animales

Shows the different ways animals can move and how animals can be grouped according to how they move.

9780736270236 $56.75
El tiempo y las estaciones

Shows how weather and seasons change, how weather affects people, and how changes in the weather and seasons can be observed. Concept Book.

9780736270243 $56.75
Color y tamaño

Shows the color and size of objects are properties that can be described and sorted.

9780736271141 $56.75
Lo que necesitan los animales

Teaches that all animals have basic needs, including food, water, and a safe place to live.

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