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National Geographic Bookroom: Big Book Literacy Library

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1 copy each of 21 titles

Teacher Supplements
Windows on Literacy Emergent (Science: Earth/Space): This is an Island, Big Book

Introduces land features you might find on an island

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Windows on Literacy Emergent (Science: Science Inquiry): You Can Make a Pom-pom, Big Book

Shows how to make a pom-pom.

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Windows on Literacy Emergent (Social Studies: Economics/Government): Our New Puppy, Big Book

A boy and his parents shop for a new puppy's needs

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Windows on Literacy Emergent (Social Studies: Geography): Signs on the Way, Big Books

Shows how road signs help us find our way and stay safe

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Windows on Literacy Early (Science: Science Inquiry): A Frog Has a Sticky Tongue, Big Book

Big Books are designed for shared reading. Animals have interesting features, such as sticky tongues or horns that help them find food and protect themselves. This book points out characteristics shared by seemingly very different animals.

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Windows on Literacy Early (Science: Life Science): Animal Armor, Big Book

Identifies protective coverings of animals, including shells and spines.

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Windows on Literacy Early (Social Studies: History/Culture): Class Calendar, Big Book

Teaches how to find information on a calendar.

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Windows on Literacy Early (Social Studies: Geography): The Earth, Big Book

Introduces the terminology of various landforms found on the earth.

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Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Life Science): Big Red Tomatoes, Big Book

Simple text explains the life cycle of the tomato from seed to harvest and discusses the versatile tomato's many uses.

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Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Physical Science): How Does My Bike Work?, Big Book

Explains how various parts of a bike work together to make it move

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Big Book: Only One Like This

Only One Like This Big Book

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Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: Geography): Going Up The Mountain, Big Book

Introduces habitats and creatures at varying altitudes

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Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: History/Culture): More Places to Visit, Big Book

This book introduces famous physical landmarks in the United States.

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Big Book: Looking For Bear

Looking for Bear Big Book

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Big Book: Flowers Around Town

Follows a man delivering flowers to various places in a city.

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Big Book: Ten Seeds

A lesson in simple subtraction is combined with the growth of plants. 10 seeds are planted but, thanks to one ant, one mouse, one pigeon and several other creatures, seeds go missing and plants get eaten, except one.

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Big Book: A Year Goes By

Shared-reading Big Books develop concepts, vocabulary, and an understanding of print. Books also feature a built-in picture dictionary.

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Windows on Literacy Step Up (Science: Animals Around Us): A Dog's Life, Big Book

Tells the story of how a dog grows and changes

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Windows on Literacy Step Up (Social Studies: Me and My Family): I Help My Dad, Big Book

Follows a child helping her father do chores around the house

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Windows on Literacy Step Up (Science: Plants Around Us): In the Tree, Big Book

Focuses on the tree as a habitat for many animals

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Windows on Literacy Step Up (Social Studies: Out and About): My School Day, Big Book

Shows and labels activities a child might do during the day

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