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Emergent Social Studies Big Book Set

$283.75 9780736271431


1 copy each of 5 titles

Teacher Supplements
Families Big Book

Teaches that families are alike and different in many ways, and shows family members assuming different roles and responsibilities.

9780736270021 $56.75
Jobs Big Book

Shows people doing many different kinds of jobs, and teaches that people rely on one another for goods and services.

9780736270038 $56.75
Places in My Community Big Book

Communities provide things that people want and need, they have special places such as stores, parks and schools

Places on Earth Big Book

Looks at a variety of environments on Earth—deserts, plains, mountains, forests, and wetlands—and shows that people, plants, and animals adapt to life in these different places.

Transportation Big Book

Shows that people use different types of transportation to move from place to place.