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Emergent Social Studies Big Book Set

$283.75 9780736271431


1 copy each of 5 titles

Teacher Supplements
Families Big Book

Teaches that families are alike and different in many ways, and shows family members assuming different roles and responsibilities.

9780736270021 $56.75
Jobs Big Book

Shows people doing many different kinds of jobs, and teaches that people rely on one another for goods and services.

9780736270038 $56.75
Places in My Community Big Book

Communities provide things that people want and need, they have special places such as stores, parks and schools

9780736270014 $56.75
Places on Earth Big Book

Looks at a variety of environments on Earth—deserts, plains, mountains, forests, and wetlands—and shows that people, plants, and animals adapt to life in these different places.

9780736270977 $56.75
Transportation Big Book

Shows that people use different types of transportation to move from place to place.

9780736270960 $56.75