Introductory Chemistry, Hybrid Edition
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Authors : Mark S. Cracolice; Ed Peters


768 Pages  Paperback 

6th Edition

©2016 , Published


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Reflecting Cengage Learning's commitment to offering flexible teaching solutions and value for students and instructors, this hybrid version of INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY, 6e features the instructional presentation found in the printed text while delivering all the end-of chapter exercises online in OWL... more


Active Examples: Teaching core chemical skills, these two-column examples allow students to first actively work through and complete steps in the right column, and then see the answer to each step in the left column, thereby receiving immediate feedback about their understanding of the concept as it... more

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A new Mindtap Reader Version combines multimedia activities, examples, and assessments in an interactive, fully online version of the book that further engages students' active learning of chemistry, with clickable answer buttons for Active Examples and pop-up key terms and chapter-in-review materia... more

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