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Fluent Plus Big Book Set

$681.00 9780736270526


Set of 1 copy each, 5 Science, 5 Social Studies and 2 Math

Teacher Supplements
Our Government Big Book

Describes roles and levels of government, and rights and responsibilities of citizens.

9780736270175 $56.75
Comparing Data Big Book

Presents reasons to collect data and ways to compare data, including tables and graphs.

9780736267946 $56.75
Solving Math Problems Big Book

Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication can be used to solve problems, large numbers can be used to represent large quantities

9780736271134 $56.75
Adaptations Big Book

Shows and explains how adaptations help plants and animals survive in different habitats.

9780736270182 $56.75
Life Cycles of Animals Big Book

Animals grow and change throughout their lives. Different kinds of animals grow and change in different ways. This text introduces the life cycles of various groups of animals and includes butterfly and frog metamorphosis.

9780736270168 $56.75
Machines Help Us Do Work Big Book

People develop and use machines to meet specific needs, they make work easier

9780736270205 $56.75
Our Place in Space Big Book

This book offers detailed explanations about the objects in our solar system, how they move, and the different ways we have found to observe them.

9780736271097 $56.75
The Changing Earth Big Book

Shows how natural forces cause constant changes to Earth's surface.

9780736271103 $56.75
Ancient Civilizations Big Book

Looks at the architecture, culture, and technology of ancient civilizations.

9780736270212 $56.75
Exploration Big Book

Considers the teamwork planning, equipment, and discoveries that are part of successful expeditions.

9780736271110 $56.75
Geography Big Book

Presents landforms, climate, and how people depend on and change Earth.

9780736270199 $56.75
Inventions Big Book

Looks at how inventions changed lives and are improved over time.

9780736271127 $56.75