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The Good Reader's Kit: Kit with Teaching Visuals on Transparencies

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The Good Reader's Kit covers text features and characteristics of 32 genres. Students learn how to read and write and make connections to reading and writing as the new standards require. The kit presents reading strategy instruction with graphics and clear language. Students will be engaged through effective resources and motivated with fascinating content. Students will accelerate their academic vocabulary through vocabulary strategy instruction and reading content connections. And through explicit reading strategy and skill instruction, students will increase reading comprehension and reading fluency. The kit includes: The Good Reader's Guide Teacher's Edition, Reader's Workout (Practice Book), Reader's Workout Teacher's Annotated Edition, Interactive Teaching Lessons, Teaching Visuals on Transparencies, and Assessments

Teacher Supplements
The Good Reader's Kit: The Good Reader's Guide Teacher's Edition

The teacher's edition is your complete resource for planning and instruction.

The Good Reader's Kit: Reader's Workout Teacher's Annotated Edition

This teacher's edition includes student practice book activities with suggested answers as well as helpful guidelines in the margins.

The Good Reader's Kit: Interactive Teaching Lessons for Use with Teaching Visuals

This script booklet includes visuals to help motivate students during content instruction.

The Good Reader's Kit: Teaching Visuals on Transparencies

Full-color, visually engaging transparencies introduce basic reading skills and strategies.

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The Good Reader's Kit: Assessments

This includes an array of assessment tools, including benchmark tests, section and chapter tests, and effective measures as well as rubrics, scoring guides, and tracking forms.

Student Supplements
The Good Reader's Kit: Reader's Workout (Practice Book)

This practice book includes student activities for skills practice in vocabulary, language, grammar, reading, and fluency.

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The Good Reader's Kit: Kit with Teaching Visuals on CD-ROM


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