Exploring Science 4 Student Book

  • AUTHORS: Randy Bell; Malcolm Butler; Kathy Cabe Trundle; Judith Lederman
  • ISBN-13: 9781285846361 
  • Grade(s): 4
  • 176 Pages  Hardcover 
  • 1st Edition
  • ©2015     Published
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About The Product

This student edition covers 100% of Grade 4 Next Generation Science Standards.


  • Focus in-depth on 100% of the NGSS for grades K-5
  • Introduce real-world science research with National Geographic Explorers, scientists, and photographers
  • Connect NGSS content with investigations, engineering practices, and case studies for complete NGSS emersion
  • Can be combined with National Geographic Science for the most complete NGSS solution available

About the Contributor

  • Randy Bell

    Associate Professor of Science Education, University of Virginia Dr. Randy Bell began his career as a forest researcher in the Pacific Northwest. His interest in sharing science with others led him to pursue a teaching license, and he taught science for six years in rural eastern Oregon. Currently, Dr. Bell teaches pre-service teachers, provides professional development for practicing teachers, and researches and develops curricular materials. Randy’s two primary areas of research include teaching and learning about the nature of scientific knowledge, and assessing the impact of educational technology on science teaching and learning.

    Dr. Bell's monograph is titled Teaching the Nature of Science.

  • Malcolm Butler

    Associate Professor of Science Education, University of South Florida Dr. Malcolm Butler’s teaching and research addresses multicultural issues in the classroom. He has worked to support typically underserved student populations and has interest in the areas of writing to learn in science, science content for elementary teachers, and coastal and environmental education professional development for teachers. He has written and contributed to many academic journal articles including “The Invisible Science Educator,” presented at the 2007 National Science Foundation conference.

    Dr. Butler's monograph is titled Motivating Young Students to be Successful in Science.

  • Kathy Cabe Trundle

    Associate Professor of Science Education, Ohio State University Dr. Kathy Trundle currently teaches master’s and doctoral level courses in science education. She studies children’s and adult’s understandings of Earth and space science concepts, and she has been very active in the development of sciencce teacher education programs. Dr. Trundle was the recipient of the 2008 Outstanding Science Teacher Educator of the Year presented by the Association for Science Teacher Education, an international organization.

    Dr. Trundle's monograph is titled Teaching Science During the Early Childhood Years.

  • Judith Lederman

    Director of Teacher Education, Illinois Institute of Technology Dr. Judith Lederman has taught science in classrooms ranging from pre-K science to graduate level education courses and post-graduate professional development workshops. Dr. Lederman is known nationally and internationally for her work in the teaching and learning of Scientific Inquiry in both formal and informal settings. In 2008, she was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to work with a South African university, museum educators, and K-12 science teachers in the area of Scientific Inquiry and Nature of Science. Judith served on the Board of Directors of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and as President of the Council for Elementary Science International (CESI).

    Dr. Lederman's monograph is titled Teaching Scientific Inquiry.


Teacher Components

  • Exploring Science 4: Teacher's Guide  (ISBN-10: 130507694X | ISBN-13: 9781305076945)
    Exploring Science Teacher's Guide
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Student Supplements

  • Exploring Science 4: Student Edition eBook, Spanish  (ISBN-10: 1305086767 | ISBN-13: 9781305086760)
    This eBook student edition covers 100% of Grade 4 Next Generation Science Standards in Spanish.
    Price = 58.50

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  • Exploring Science 4: Student Edition
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