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Emergent Big Book Set

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Set of 1 copy each, 5 Science, 5 Social Studies and 2 Math

Teacher Supplements
Transportation Big Book

Shows that people use different types of transportation to move from place to place.

Counting Big Book

Shows that objects can be counted by ones and by twos and that objects can be sequenced by number.

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Windows on Literacy Language, Literacy & Vocabulary Emergent (Math): Shapes Big Book

Single copy of Shapes. This concept book teaches the names and properties of basic shapes and shows real-life examples of shapes in the environment.

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How Animals Move Big Book

Shows the different ways animals can move and how animals can be grouped according to how they move.

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Color and Size Big Book

Shows the color and size of objects are properties that can be described and sorted.

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Plants Big Book

Looks at parts of plants and at the sequence of plant growth.

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Windows on Literacy Language, Literacy & Vocabulary Emergent (Science): Weather and Seasons Big Book

Single copy of Weather and Seasons. This book shows how weather and seasons change, how weather affects people, and how changes in the weather and seasons can be observed.

What Animals Need Big Book

Teaches that all animals have basic needs, including food, water, and a safe place to live.

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Families Big Book

Teaches that families are alike and different in many ways, and shows family members assuming different roles and responsibilities.

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Jobs Big Book

Shows people doing many different kinds of jobs, and teaches that people rely on one another for goods and services.

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Places in My Community Big Book

Communities provide things that people want and need, they have special places such as stores, parks and schools

Places on Earth Big Book

Looks at a variety of environments on Earth—deserts, plains, mountains, forests, and wetlands—and shows that people, plants, and animals adapt to life in these different places.