Emerge with Computers Version 2.0 Printed Access Card

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Author : Kenneth Baldauf


Mixed Media 

1st Edition

©2010 , Published


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EMERGE WITH COMPUTERS is a new and revolutionary way to teach and learn about digital literacy. It bridges the gap between conventional education and the way students want to learn by creating an environment that encourages students to do what comes naturally: surf the Web. Leveraging the latest tec... more


RETENTION – Let's face it; students don't read long, dense text. Emerge with Computers divides lessons into a series of manageable sections, helping students retain more information.

ENGAGEMENT – Emerge with Computers lets students learn in a completely interactive environment, which makes learning... more

New to this Edition

Delivery: Now you can use Emerge with Computers in your own Learning Management System! You can link to the Emerge content seamlessly, allowing students to access the Emerge content on their browser, and complete homework and tests on your LMS.

Page-Level Quiz – There is a short self-quiz on each p... more