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Reach for Reading 2 (Leveled Library): Single-Copy Set
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The Leveled Library Single-Copy Set includes 1 copy of each of the 128 Leveled Library titles (128 books total). These leveled readers include award-winning trade titles and are engaging and motivating for all readers. Note: Leveled Library titles are drawn from multiple programs.

Teacher Supplements
Reach for Reading 2: Teacher's Edition Set (8 Volumes)

The Teacher's Edition Set is a complete resource for planning and instruction in 8 volumes. It includes best practices, interactive whiteboard lessons, small group reading lessons, Practice Masters and answer keys, and assessment and reteaching.

9781133900122 $570.00
Reach for Reading 2: Teacher Resource Package

The Teacher Resource Package includes:
Read with Me Big Books Single-Copy Set (16 Big Books total):
- The Adventures of Taxi Dog
- Serving the Community
- Little Skink's Tail
- A Frog Has a Sticky Tongue
- Lila and the Secret of Rain
- This Is the Rain
- Maria and the Baker’s Bread
- Biblioburro
- Fletcher and... more

9781133900221 $1607.75
Student Supplements
Library Book: My Friends
9780811812375 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Early (Math in Science): A Pride of Lions

Teaches animal group names while counting by twos

9780792246091 $8.50
Library Book: Animals and the Environment

Animals use the environment in many ways, for nourishment and a home. Shows how animals adapt to and depend on their environments for survival.

9780822586166 $9.00
Library Book: Meerkats
9781429648837 $9.25
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: Economics/Government): From Hive to Home

Examines how bees make honey and how it gets from the hive to our homes

9780792243281 $9.25
Library Book: Bugs For Lunch
9780881062724 $9.75
Library Book: Squirrel's World
9780763666446 $5.50
Library Book: It's Spring!
9780761313458 $9.75
Library Book: Fish Is Fish
9780394827995 $9.25
9781572552098 $8.00
Windows on Literacy Early (Social Studies: Economics/Government): A Good Place To Live

The town is a good place to live because of the helpful people who live there. This book examines their many useful jobs.

9780792287513 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Life Science): Life in the Ocean

Most of the ocean animals we know live in the highest zone, or level, of the ocean. This book explores some of the very interesting animals that live in the other zones.

9780792243540 $10.75
Library Book: Who Eats What?
9780064451307 $7.25
Looking For The Queen
9780736206167 $9.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: Geography): River Life

Looks at the plants and animals that live along the banks of the Mississippi River

9780792287445 $9.25
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Science: Life Science): Better Off Wet!

Compares three different types of wetlands: bogs, swamps and marshes

9780792248163 $10.75
Library Book: Max Celebrates Groundhog Day
9781404847644 $7.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Early (Social Studes): Postcards to Paul

Ari and his dad drive across the country to visit Ari's cousin Paul. Along the way, they send postcards to Paul of all the things they see and places they visit.

9780792260431 $9.25
Library Book: Celebrating Patriotic Holidays: Honoring America
9781574715743 $4.50
Library Book: Mount Rushmore
9781432909710 $7.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: History/Culture): Holidays

Simple text discusses the reasons for celebrating the major U.S. holidays, including Memorial Day and Thanksgiving.

9780792287377 $9.25
Avenues C (Leveled Books): A Great Day In The City

Simple text describes a day visiting San Francisco: Take a plane into the city, ride the cable cars, go to the wharf, shop the gift shops, and enjoy the lights.

9780736218948 $8.50
Library Book: Small Wolf
9780064441803 $5.00
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: History/Culture): Washington D.C.
9780792242895 $9.25
Avenues E (Leveled Books): Your Great State

A field trip to show what things a state pays for.

9780736217378 $9.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: History/Culture): Places to Visit

Learn about some of the beautiful natural landmarks of the United States, including the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park. Maps help to geographically orient students.

9780792287438 $9.25
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: History/Culture): More Places to Visit

This book introduces more famous landmarks in the United States.

9780792287421 $9.25
Windows on Literacy Language, Literacy & Vocabulary Fluent (Social Studies): United States Geography

There are many famous places in the United States, some of these places are natural landmarks and some are made by people. We use maps to identify the locations of landmarks

9781426350597 $19.00
Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.?: Inside Theme Book

This photographic biography presents key events in the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Simple text reinforces irregular past tense verbs.

9780736209625 $8.75
Windows on Literacy Language, Literacy & Vocabulary Fluent Plus (Social Studies): Our Government

Describes roles and levels of government, and rights and responsibilities of citizens.

9781426350627 $19.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent (Social Studies): Anna at Ellis Island

Anna and her family learn all about their relatives' journey to America at the Immigration Museum when they find their family name, Kolokov, on the American Immigrant Wall of Honor.

9781426350238 $14.00
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Social Studies: Economics of Government): Symbols of Freedom

This text describes American symbols: the flag, the national anthem, the bald eagle, the Capitol, and the Statue of Liberty.

9780792248392 $9.25
Library Book: Delivering Your Mail
9781404804852 $9.75
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Math: Math in Social Studies): Alaska

Examines Alaska's daylight and varying temperatures and their effect on every day life

9780792246695 $10.75
Windows on Literacy Early (Science: Earth/Space): Caring for Earth

Shows things that children can do to help care for the earth

9780792243151 $8.50
Library Book: Water: Up, Down, and All Around
9781404803367 $10.50
Avenues C (Leveled Books): Sing a Song of People

People in a city come and go, and you see people that you may never meet. This picture book version of Lois Lenski's poem celebrates the many people who live in cities.

9780736218955 $9.50
Windows on Literacy Early (Social Studies: History/Culture): Houses

This book shows how houses are built differently in different environments

9780792243182 $9.25
Windows on Literacy Early (Social Studies: Geography): People Live in the Desert

This book observes the adjustments people make so that they can live in this harsh environment.

9780792287179 $8.50
A Scare In The City

The power goes out in the city. See how people react and the role that the police and firefighters take to help keep the city safe until the power is back on.

9780736206136 $9.50
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent Plus (Social Studies): Rusty the Rascal

When Rusty goes missing, members of the community rally to help find the little dog.

9781426350283 $14.00
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Social Studies: Economics/Government): My Town at Work

Follows a young narrator as he describes workers, public places and services

9780792285182 $10.75
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: Geography): A Good Place For a City

Discusses why many cities are located near bodies of water

9780792243694 $9.25
Library Book: Nurses
9780736884587 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Emergent (Science: Life Science): The Baby Shark

Introduces basic body parts of a fish

9780792289159 $7.50
Content-Based Readers Fiction Emergent (Science): The Thirsty Animals

Groups of thirsty animals approach the water but wait until the lions leave before drinking!

9780792259817 $8.50
Avenues C (Leveled Books): A Hole Is A Great Home
9780736219105 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Early (Science: Life Science): Mud, Mud, Mud

Considers how and why different animals use mud.

9780792289272 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Early (Science: Life Science): Animal Armor

Identifies protective coverings of animals, including shells and spines.

9780792287087 $8.50
Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is not a game in the ocean. Ocean animals hide from predators and seek prey to eat.

9780736202268 $8.75
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Science Inquiry): What Makes a Tiger Hard to See?

Considers how animals use camouflage to stay safe

9780792243618 $9.25
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Life Science): What Lives in a Tide Pool?

Looks at some of the animals that make their home in a tide pool

9780792243373 $9.25
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Science Inquiry): Can You See an Insect?

Illustrates how an insect uses camouflage to stay safe

9780792289319 $10.75
Windows on Literacy Language, Literacy & Vocabulary Fluent (Science): Animal Habitats

Teaches that animals live in many different kinds of habitats, and that each habitat provides the food, water, oxygen, and shelter that its inhabitants need.

9781426350573 $19.00
Show Me a Snake Hole
9780736202411 $8.75
Giraffe's Sad Tale

Literature Small Book for shared reading. Develop concepts and vocabulary and build concepts of print.

9781563342653 $13.25
The Goat In The Chile Patch
9781563341847 $14.50
Library Book: Bat Loves The Night
9780763624385 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Science: Life Science): Animal Hiding Places

Reveals the year round, seasonal and special purpose hideaways of various animals

9780792285175 $10.75
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Science: Life Science): Strange Animals

Describes unusual things animals do to keep safe

9780792248149 $10.75
Avenues C (Leveled Books): Boom Boom Bay!
9780736219143 $8.50
Library Book: A Rainy Day

This book explains what happens when it rains and how rain affects plants and animals. Two spreads detail the water cycle and facts about rain.

9780822519621 $9.00
Library Book: Land, Sky, and Water
9781404258051 $7.25
Windows on Literacy Early (Science: Earth/Space): The Lake

Looks at how a lake and lake-related activities change during the course of a year

9780792243496 $9.25
Windows on Literacy Early (Science: Earth/Space): Water, Land, and Air

Introduces the three basic components of Earth.

9780792289241 $8.50
Library Book: What Is a Rainbow?
9780823981359 $7.25
Windows on Literacy Early (Science: Earth/Space): Ice

Looks at various forms of ice found in the natural world

9780792243144 $7.50
Library Book: Water As a Liquid
9780736848756 $7.25
Windows on Literacy Early (Science: Physical Science): Water

Shows how water can be a liquid, a solid, or gas, giving examples of each stage

9780792243472 $9.25
Library Book: The Rain Came Down
9780545589987 $9.25
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Earth/Space): Desert Rain

This book reveals how a dry bed becomes a lake during a desert storm. Learn about the adaptations that desert plants and animals have developed in order to survive their parched landscape.

9780792289654 $9.25
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Physical Science): Water Can Change

This book explains how water can change from a solid to liquid or gas.

9780792289593 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies:Technology): Turn on a Faucet

This book follows water from the faucet to rainwater falling into a river. A spread illustrates the whole cycle in a clear diagram.

9780792287476 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: Geography): The River's Journey

Follows the Mississippi River from it's source in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico

9780792287063 $9.25
Library Book: The Raft
9780064438568 $9.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Emergent (Social Studies): Tess Went to Work

Tess and her librarian dad spend a day at the library, where Tess and her father both help people in parallel ways.

9780792259855 $8.50
Library Book: It's A Rule
9780736817240 $7.25
Library Book: I Am Generous
9781429632775 $7.50
Why I Like Laura
9780736202244 $8.75
Library Book: Keeping Water Clean

This book explains how different groups help to keep water clean and how doing this benefits everyone.

9780736848770 $10.25
Library Book: Helping Mom
9781577688167 $9.25
Library Book: The Fire Cat
9780064440387 $5.00
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Science Inquiry): Kitchen Rules

Introduces simple rules to make the kitchen a safer place

9780792243243 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Emergent (Social Studies: Economics/Government): I Work at Night

Looks at different jobs that require a person to work at night.

9780792243014 $7.50
Lend a Hand
9780736202381 $8.75
Library Book: Being a Good Citizen
9781432933401 $11.00
A Helpful Change
9780736206587 $9.50
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent (Science): Uncle Terry's Glasses

In this chapter book, Olivia and her cousins are ice skating when they see Uncle Terry's glasses stuck in the ice and decide to get them out.

9781426350160 $14.00
Library Book: Liang And The Magic Paintbrush
9780805008012 $11.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent Plus (Social Studies): My Mom the Mayor

Monica learns about local government as someone she knows runs for mayor - her mom!

9781426350290 $14.00
Library Book: Amos And Boris
9780312535667 $9.50
Library Book: Snowball Soup
9780060835439 $5.00
Library Book: Spring
9780822519904 $7.75
Avenues C (Leveled Books): Farming
9780736219006 $15.50
Windows on Literacy Early (Social Studies: Geography): From the Skyscraper

Shows different views of things that can be seen from a skyscraper

9780792243519 $10.75
Who Likes the Night?
9780736202251 $8.75
Windows on Literacy Early (Social Studies: Geography): The Earth

Introduces the terminology of various landforms found on the earth

9780792287193 $9.25
Library Book: The Searcher and Old Tree
9781580892247 $9.75
Library Book: Busy Animals
9781404863897 $9.75
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent (Science): A Tree of Her Own

Lee has her own tree! She watches it grow and change from season to season - until one spring something surprising happens.

9781426350009 $9.25
Library Book: Seasons of the Year
9780736896184 $8.50
Avenues F (Leveled Books): Ayu and The Perfect Moon

Old Ayu tells the story of learning to dance and then getting to perform for the whole village.

9781563346910 $14.50
Library Book: Frog And Toad All Year
9780064440592 $5.00
Library Book: The Schoolchildren's Blizzard
9781575056197 $8.75
Library Book: Changing Seasons
9780778723097 $11.00
Windows on Literacy Language, Literacy & Vocabulary Emergent (Social Studies): Places in My Community

Communities provide things that people want and need, they have special places such as stores, parks and schools

9780792260530 $12.25
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Science: Science Inquiry): Changes All Around Us

Explores natural and cyclical changes in the environment, weather and all living things

9780792284932 $10.75
Windows on Literacy Language, Literacy & Vocabulary Fluent Plus (Science): The Changing Earth

Shows how natural forces cause constant changes to Earth's surface.

9781426350696 $19.00
Library Book: Why Do The Seasons Change?
9780761433675 $10.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Early (Science): Helping Toby's Team

A resourceful little brother uses his wagon to pull bats and balls to his big brother's baseball game.

9780792259916 $9.25
Library Book: Attack of the Bully Bug
9781936163533 $5.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Early (Math): The Perfect Pizza

Mrs. Lee teaches her students counting and other math skills while designing the class's perfect pizza.

9780792260462 $9.25
Windows on Literacy Early (Science: Science Inquiry): Making Tortillas

Describes the process of making tortillas from scratch

9780792243106 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Science Inquiry): Make a Piñata

Two kids explain how to make a piñata out of flour, water, newspaper, and a balloon.

9780792243274 $9.25
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent (Math): Neighborhood Soup

In the play, Kapi and his parents are making soup. What does it take to turn regular soup into "neighborhood soup"?

9781426350078 $11.00
Library Book: Stone Soup
9780689711039 $9.00
Windows on Literacy Language, Literacy & Vocabulary Early (Social Studies): Communities

Considers aspects of communities, including jobs, wants and needs, and places in the community.

9780792260653 $12.25
Library Book: Frog And Toad Are Friends
9780064440202 $5.00
Library Book: Messy Bessey's Closet

Messy Bessey cleans up her room and gives away her old toys and things.

9780516270814 $6.25
Library Book: Amelia Bedelia Helps Out
9780060511111 $5.00
Library Book: Cooperation
9780736851466 $9.00
The Wind That Would Not Blow
9780736206082 $9.50
Library Book: The Meeting
9780761356318 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: Economics/Government): People Who Lead Us

Considers what leaders do and looks at examples of leaders in our lives

9780792243410 $8.50
Library Book: The Stories Julian Tells
9780394828923 $6.25
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent Plus (Science): Work for Play

Students learn about simple and compound machines as they design a new playground that all children can use.

9781426350405 $14.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Early (Math): A Bird and a Bug

The comparison of sizes will make readers think as they enjoy this simple story about survival in nature.

9780792260387 $9.25
Content-Based Readers Fiction Emergent (Social Studies): Mr. Jay's Bad Day

Mr. Jay is having a very bad day! His faucet breaks, and his car won't start, so he calls a plumber and a mechanic for help.

9780792259862 $8.50
Reach C: Student Anthology

The Student Anthology features paired reading selections with exclusive National Geographic content. Built-in instructional support and activities are also included.

9780736274272 $75.50
Reach for Reading 2: Practice Book Set (2 Volumes)

This set includes 1 copy each of Practice Book Volume 1 and Practice Book Volume 2. Practice Books feature student activities for skills practice in phonics, reading, fluency, handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar.

9781133900177 $19.50
Reach into Phonics 2 (Read On Your Own Books): Single-Copy Set

Read On Your Own Books feature decodable text for phonics and high-frequency word application. Both fiction and nonfiction titles are included, encompassing a variety of science and social studies topics.

This set includes 1 copy each of the 32 Read On Your Own titles:
A Good Cause
A Nation Starts with Great People<... more

9780736280884 $296.00
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