Introduction to Electronics

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Level(s): Flesch-Kincaid

Author : Earl Gates


544 Pages  Hardcover 

6th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2007, 2001, 1997

©2012 , Published


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IINTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONICS, SIXTH EDITION provides your students with a broad overview of both the linear and digital fields of electronics while also providing the basics so your students can understand the fundamentals of electronics. This book is intended for first year students to stimulate th... more


Provides an ideal solution for your students with no prior electronics experience who seek a basic background in DC and AC circuits, Devices, and Digital Circuits.

Includes detailed, step-by-step examples that serve to further clarify when and how to use basic formulas and math.

Contains "Career P... more

New to this Edition

Contains many new problems and review questions and Internet applications to enhance your students' learning and retention of the text material.

Has all circuit examples done with MultiSIM, Version 11.

Includes new photographs to keep your students up to date with changes in the field of electroni... more