Adobe® Creative Suite 5 Projects Binder BASICS

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Author : Debbie Keller


175 Pages  Loose-leaf 

1st Edition

©2012 , Published


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ADOBE® CREATIVE SUITE 5 PROJECTS BINDER BASICS offers students a way to apply their skills with the Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign and Fireworks CS5 software applications in a project-based environment. The cross-curricular projects, including Integration projects, provide hand... more


Provides 125 hands-on projects (15 Flash, 10 Dreamweaver, 20 Photoshop, 20 Illustrator, 10 InDesign, 20 Fireworks, 14 Media Design Integration, 16 Web Design Integration) to engage students and allow them to apply their skills with the Adobe® CS5 applications and generic multimedia projects.

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