Hampton-Brown Edge: Reading, Writing, & Language ©2009

  • Real-world content and Essential Questions focus the student for readable, relevant, and engaging literature
  • Focus and repetition of one reading strategy per unit and explicit teaching and frequent interactivity develop competence
  • Grades 9–10 English Language Arts Standards taught and tested
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David W Moore

Professor of Education Arizona State University Dr. David Moore taught high school social studies and reading in Arizona public schools before entering college teaching. He currently teaches secondary... more

Deborah J Short

Dr. Short directs Academic Language Research & Training and provides professional development on academic literacy, content-based ESL, and sheltered instruction worldwide. At the Center for Applied Li... more

Michael W Smith

Professor, College of Education Temple University Dr. Michael Smith joined the ranks of college teachers after eleven years of teaching high school English. He has won awards for his teaching at both ... more

Alfred W Tatum

Associate Professor, Literacy Education Northern Illinois University Dr. Alfred Tatum began his career as an eighth-grade teacher, later becoming a re... more

Assessment Handbooks includes:
  • Cluster Tests
  • Unit Tests
  • Metacognitive and Affective Measures, Performance Assessments, and Rubrics.
ExamView® CD-ROM
Unit Test Booklets
Placement Test
Reading Level Gains Test
English Language Gains Test
End-of-Level Summative Assessment includes:
  • Measures of student performance in targeted skills and standards for the level
  • Multiple choice items in Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension & Literacy Analysis, and Grammar & Writing
eAssessment includes:
  • Scan-and-score or test online
  • Immediate reports with links to re-teaching.


The Learning Edge for Students includes:
  • Student Book eEdition
  • Online Coach
  • Selection Summaries
  • Project Planning Tools
The Teaching Edge for Teachers includes:
  • Online Lesson Planner
  • Online Professional Development
  • Interactive Teacher’s Edition
  • eAssessment

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