Exploring Microeconomics

  • AUTHOR: Robert Sexton
  • ISBN-13: 9781285859453 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • 640 Pages  Paperback 
  • 7th Edition
  • ©2016     Published
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About The Product

Give your students a solid understanding of microeconomic principles and how these principles affect their daily lives with the unique EXPLORING MICROECONOMICS, 7E. Rather than a traditional encyclopedic text filled with technical details, this book offers a modern, "back-to-basics" approach designed to promote economic literacy and help students appreciate how microeconomics impacts life. The latest edition of this reader-friendly book includes new online learning tools, a visually appealing design, and the latest captivating content to encourage students to read and master the material. Packed with examples from current events and pop culture, EXPLORING MICROECONOMICS makes economics less intimidating, while conveying the real-world relevance of microeconomic principles. A wealth of helpful resources, including the leading Aplia™ online homework solution, MindTap™ online learning experience, and Write Experience, work in synchronous to help instill an excitement for microeconomics and its application in today's world.


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  • Content Builds On Well-Known Principles of Learning and Memory. Your students are able to absorb the microeconomics material more easily and completely with this book's proven approach. Each chapter includes several short sections of just three to six pages that function as self-contained learning units. This approach offers greater flexibility for you and allows your students to more readily grasp and retain information.
  • Chapters Highlight the Connection Between Economics and Everyday Issues. Students learn as they examine microeconomics at work in intriguing topics, such as sex on television, property rights, song swapping, and more. "In the News" synopses present relevant and thought-provoking news stories, while "Global Watch" features explore economic causes and implications of international current events. In addition, "Using What You've Learned" exercises challenge students to apply key concepts from the text.
  • Appealing Design and Abundant Visuals Keep Readers Engaged. This book's visual approach helps keep your students immersed in microeconomics and actively learning as the book's photos, graphs, tables, and charts illustrate, clarify, and reinforce key microeconomic principles.
  • Dynamic Writing Style Brings Microeconomic Principles To Life. The author's intriguing approach helps students stay interested in the material, while the text's brief, easy-to-digest sections, built-in review questions, and frequent real-life examples and applications make learning easier and more effective.

About the Contributor

  • Robert Sexton

    A distinguished professor of economics at Pepperdine University's Seaver College, Dr. Robert Sexton is a graduate of California Lutheran College. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Colorado. Dr. Sexton writes frequently for economic and business journals and is the author of nine books on economics, including his newly released ESSENTIALS OF ECONOMICS and SURVEY OF ECON published by Cengage Learning. His research spans American economic history, economic policy analysis, statutes and enforcement costs, public choice, regional economics, migration, and economic education. Dr. Sexton has been a visiting professor at UCLA and was Pepperdine's 1991 Professor of the Year. His professional achievements have been recognized with the Howard A. White Memorial Teaching Award, the Luckman Distinguished Teaching Fellowship, and multiple Merit Acceleration Awards for excellence in teaching and research.

Table of Contents

1. The Role and Method of Economics.
Appendix: Working with Graphs.
2. Eight Powerful Ideas.
3. Scarcity, Trade-Offs, and Production Possibilities.
4. Demand, Supply, and Market Equilibrium.
5. Market in Motion and Price Controls.
6. Elasticities.
7. Market Efficiency and Welfare.
8. Market Failure.
9. Public Finance and Public Choice.
10. Consumer Choice Theory.
Appendix: A More Advanced Theory of Consumer Choice.
11. The Firm: Production and Costs.
Appendix: Using Isoquants and Isocosts.
12. Firms in Perfectly Competitive Markets.
13. Monopoly and Antitrust.
14. Monopolistic Competition and Product Differentiation.
15. Oligopoly and Strategic Behavior.
16. The Markets for Labor, Capital, and Land.
17. Income, Poverty and Health Care.
18. International Trade.
19. International Finance.

New to this Edition

  • New Graphing Flash Cards Assist in the Study and Mastery of Economic Graphs. These new Graphing Flash Cards, available on MindTap™, enable students to study and test their understanding of economic graphs in the book. The Graphing Flash Cards are digital, interactive flash cards adapted to work with this edition's graphs, questions and answers.
  • New Frequently Missed Test Questions (FMTQs) Help Pinpoint Possible Challenging Areas. Available on MindTap™, the FMTQs represent the concepts and questions most often missed by students. The book's author, Dr. Robert Sexton, provides short videos that further explain and clarify these areas of possible confusion for students.
  • New Adaptive Test Prep Helps Students Prepare for Test Success. The Adaptive Test Prep on MindTap™ provides a variety of multiple-choice questions to help students further prepare for a quiz or an exam. The Adaptive Test Prep offers a detailed analysis of areas of strengths and weaknesses to better assess a student's individual needs.
  • Numerous New Stories and Vibrant Examples Reflect Current Events and Developments. Students see microeconomics in practice with examples, such as how Chilean bus drivers respond to incentives, fisherman in Mumbia and cell phone use, Venezuelan's price controls, housing prices in Houston and New York City, and more.
  • The Latest Content Highlights Recent Business Developments Throughout the Book and Supplements. Students learn from examples and data that reflect the most recent changes and advancements within the book, the Electronic Test Bank, PowerPoint® slides and the Instructor's Manual.

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