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Reading Basics with Teacher's Guide

$401.50 9780736216128


Instructional Overheads, Tape, Teacher Scripts, Letter and Word Tiles, and Teacher’s Guide

Teacher Supplements
Instructional Overheads

92 full-color transparencies develop vocabulary, build phonics and word structure skills, offer blending and decoding strategies, and supply multisyllabic word work.

9780736212304 $147.00
Reading Basics Teacher Scripts

Provides step-by-step instruction for overhead Designed for ease of use at the overhead.

9780736212878 $48.25
Reach into Phonics Foundations K-6: Letter Tiles

Transparent tiles with uppercase and lowercase letters for word-building and blending for high-frequency words instruction and sentence building at the overhead.

Inside Phonics: Word Tiles

Transparent tiles to support the high-frequency word instruction at the overhead.

Reading Basics Tape

Recordings of 18 engaging phonics songs, poems, and chants included in the Instructional Overheads.

9780736213066 $25.00
Teacher’s Guide

Full support for delivering phonics, decoding, and high-frequency word instruction. Includes reproducible handwriting masters. A complete array of assessment tools for placement and progress monitoring.