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SummerCentral Spanish Grade 1: Early Science and Social Studies Complete Set

$3824.50 9780736254380


18 copies each of 8 Concept Books and 18 copies each of 16 Nonfiction Books (432 books total), 8 Theme Builders, 8 Audiolessons on CD, and Teacher’s Guides and Assessments.

Student Supplements
Hornear pan 6-Pack

6 copies of Hornear pan. How you use your five senses when baking bread.

9780736242493 $51.00
Usar los sentidos en la escuela 6-Pack

6 copies of Usar los sentidos en la escuela. Looks at how you use your five senses at school.

9780736242554 $51.00
Plantas que comemos Concept Book 6-Pack

6 copies of Plantas que comemos Concept Book. Looks at how plants grow and at parts of plants that we eat as food.

Las semillas se convierten en plantas 6-Pack

6 copies of Las semillas se convierten en plantas. This book shows that different types of plants grow from different types of seeds.

Plantas en mi plato 6-Pack

6 copies of Plantas en mi plato. Introduces the parts of the plant, focusing on plants we eat.

El cuerpo de los animales Concept Book 6-Pack

6 copies of El cuerpo de los animales Concept Book. Shows how animals use their unique physical features to survive.

9780736243247 $73.50
Una rana tiene la lengua pegajosa 6-Pack

6 copies of Una rana tiene la lengua pegajosa. Animals have interesting features, such as sticky tongues or horns that help them find food and protect themselves. This book points out characteristics shared by seemingly very different animals.

9780736242622 $64.50
Huellas en la arena 6-Pack

6 copies of Huellas en la arena. Many animals leave marks in the wet sand with their bodies, flippers, and tails.

9780736242615 $51.00
Tiempo y actividades Concept Book 6-Pack

6 copies of Tiempo y actividades Concept Book. Presents ways of measuring time, including by minute, hour, day, month, and year.

Tareas 6-Pack

6 copies of Tareas. Teaches the days of the week by looking at a child's household chores.

9780736242516 $45.00
El día de Jacobo 6-Pack

6 copies of El día de Jacobo. Helps children tell time by using both digital and analog clocks.

9780736242509 $55.50
Alimentos Concept Book 6-Pack

6 copies of Alimentos Concept Book. Shows how different foods go from the farm to the table.

La lista de la compra 6-Pack

6 copies of La lista de la compra. This book follows a boy and his dad as they go shopping for groceries.

9780736242523 $55.50
Las alimentos vienen de las granjas, 6-pack

6 copies of Los alimentos vienen de las granjas. Most of the food we eat comes from farms. Using strong picture support, this text explains how a farm produces each of the foods in a little boy's lunch: milk from cows and bread from wheat.

9780736242530 $51.00
Comunidades Concept Book 6-Pack

6 copies of Comunidades Concept Book. Considers aspects of communities, including jobs, wants and needs, and places in the community.

Un buen lugar para vivir 6-Pack

6 copies of Un buen lugar para vivir. Examines the various jobs that people do in the community.

Antes, mi pueblo era pequeño, 6-pack

6 copies of Antes, mi pueblo era pequeño. Learn how a town grows and changes when a factory moves in.

9780736242561 $45.00
Donde vive la gente Concept Book 6-Pack

6 copies of Donde vive la gente. People live in many types of places across the Earth's surface, location affects the kinds of houses in which people live, people adapt in many ways to the environment in which they live

Casas 6-Pack

6 copies of Casas. This book shows how houses are built differently in different environments.

9780736242547 $55.50
Gente que vive en el desierto 6-Pack

6 copies of Gente que vive en el desierto. This book observes the adjustments people make so that they can live in this harsh environment.

9780736242677 $51.00
Fuerza y movimiento Concept Book 6-Pack

6 copies of Fuerza y movimiento Concept Book. A force is a push or pull that makes an object move, a magnet can pull or attract some metal things, different types of forces can be classified.

9780736243216 $73.50
Empujar o arrastrar 6-Pack

6 copies of Empujar o arrastrar. Looks at how some things move because they are pushed or pulled.

9780736242653 $55.50
Mi imán 6-Pack

6 copies of Mi imán. Shows and provides opportunities to predict what a magnet will attract.

9780736243704 $55.50
Los sentidos Concept Book 6-Pack

6 copies of Los sentidos Concept Book. Describes how we use the senses to learn about the world around us.