History of Psychology: The Making of a Science
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Author : Edward P. Kardas


464 Pages  Paperback 

1st Edition

©2014 , Published


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HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY: THE MAKING OF A SCIENCE illustrates historical relationships between psychology's past and present. It traces the relationship of psychology to other disciplines (philosophy, computational science, biology, and social science) by using a "border" metaphor--that is, examining t... more


Unique "Then and Now" boxes connect past research interests and data from the history of psychology to contemporary research results.

A number of "FYI" sections are sprinkled throughout each chapter. Similar to asides in a play, they adopt a conversational style, discussing topics that are related ... more

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Each chapter after Chapter 1 begins with a "Zeitgeist," which inserts readers into the historical time that is being studied. These sections range from the history of ancient Greece to the rise of the modern model of the research university.