Virtual Administrative Skills for the Medical Assistant Printed Access Card

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About The Product

In this exciting new digital learning simulation, students must complete key administrative tasks performed in the medical office. Each task requires students to demonstrate their professionalism and knowledge to complete a variety of customer service, financial, and office maintenance activities. Resources, feedback, and reporting guide and assess students throughout, as they gain proficiency in performing these tasks. Through successful completion of the simulation, students can feel more confident in their ability and skills to begin a career as an administrative medical assistant.


  • Incorporates a mix of video, animation, and graphics to provide a realistic hands-on simulation for maximum student engagement.
  • Contains tasks on telephone screening, working with medical records, bookkeeping and financial practices, patient and insurance billing, and office maintenance.
  • Presents opportunities to build and apply customer service and critical thinking skills while completing administrative tasks.
  • Maps to ABHES and CAAHEP entry-level administrative competencies.
  • Allows flexibility to assign tasks in any order to accommodate any course syllabus.
  • Includes printable performance summary reports with scores to assess student work.

About the Contributor

  • Cengage Learning

Table of Contents

Task 1: Patient Registration.
Task 2: Release of Information.
Task 3: Written Communication.
Task 4: Internet Research.
Task 5: Appointment Scheduling.
Task 6: Insurance Eligibility.
Task 7: Telephone Screening.
Task 8: Collection Procedures.
Task 9: Procedure Posting and Claims Preparation.
Task 10: Claims Submission.
Task 11: Payment Posting.
Task 12: Medical Coding.
Task 13: Equipment Maintenance.
Task 14: Office Inventory.
Task 15: File Medical Records.
Task 16: Banking Procedures.

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