The American Spirit: United States History as Seen by Contemporaries, Volume I

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Authors : David M. Kennedy; Thomas A. Bailey


624 Pages  Paperback 

12th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2006, 2002, 1998

©2010 , Published


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This detailed primary source reader focuses on political, diplomatic, and social history, presenting documents that include travel literature, religious sermons, newspaper articles, court testimony, and diary entries. An ideal companion for THE AMERICAN PAGEANT, the text can be used with any U.S. hi... more


Chapters of THE AMERICAN SPIRIT correlate to the chapters of The American Pageant, 14th and 15th editions.

THE AMERICAN SPIRIT is a full-service primary source reader, offering numerous types of documents and images (including letters, religious sermons, travel literature, court testimony, and diar... more

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The Twelfth Edition includes new materials that match the increased global focus of The American Pageant, 14e, including new sources on America in the world economy, the United States’ emergence as an industrial giant, tensions with Asia, the Treaty of Versailles in global perspective, a world in de... more