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Avenues E: Theme Library

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One copy each of 16 titles

Student Supplements
Library Book: Mama & Papa Have A Store

Mama and Papa Have a Store

9780803720442 $18.25
Library Book: Celebrate The 50 States!

Introduces statistics, emblems, notable cities, products, and other facts about the fifty states, United States territories, and Washington, D.C.

9780823416318 $9.00
Library Book: The Scrambled States of America

The Scrambled States of America

9780805068313 $8.75
Library Book: Yoshi's Feast

Yoshi's Feast

9780789426079 $16.50
Library Book: How Mountains Are Made

How Mountains Are Made

9780064451284 $6.50
Library Book: Rocks In His Head

Rocks in His Head

9780060294038 $20.00
Library Book: The Old Man & His Door

Who would bring the door, la puerta, to a picnic instead of the pig, el puerco? An old man who's great at gardening but lousy at listening to his wife!

9780698116542 $7.50
Snapshots from the Wedding

Snapshots from the Wedding

9780698117525 $7.75
Library Book: Beardream

Spring has come to the Ute village, but Short Tail and his people are concerned because the Great Bear has not awakened. While going to the mountains to find the Great Bear, Short Tail falls asleep and slips into a magical dream in which the Great Bear teaches him a wonderful secret to take back to his people.

9780689835360 $8.50
Library Book: Life In A Sioux Village

Life in a Sioux Village

9781588104151 $10.25

A young boy describes the experiences of his family when a hurricane hits their home on the island of Puerto Rico

9780736209137 $12.00
Reading Expeditions (Science: Earth Science): Weather and Climate

Explore the ways that weather and climate shape our lives. Learn how forecasters use tools and techniques to predict weather. Examine the roles the clouds and water cycle play.

Library Book: Dory Story

Disobeying parental admonitions to never go out in the boat alone, the narrator rows out into the peaceful bay to learn more about ocean life. What follows is an account of the aquatic food web. The child observes killer whales eating tuna eating bluefish eating mackerels eating sand lances eating shrimp eating plankton. When he spies the killer whales, he fears he may soon... more

9780881060751 $22.00
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Science: Life Science): Exploring Tide Pools

Looks at different types of plants and animals that live in a tide pool

Library Book: Journey Home

Journey Home

9781584300052 $10.50