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Avenues A: Teacher Support Pack

$1373.75 9780736222006


Practice Book, Practice Book Teacher's Edition, Language Songs Big Book, Song CDs (2 CDs), Picture Perfect Word Book Big Book, Fiction Big Books (10 books), Nonfiction Big Books (3 books), Vocabulary Builders (10 manipulatives), Finger Puppet, and Kidspiration CD-ROM

Teacher Supplements
Kidspiration 3 CD Single Unit

Kidspiration 3 CD-ROM Single Unit

9781933238913 $69.00
Avenues A: Practice Book Teachers Edition

Annotated teachers edition of student workbook for skills practicing

9780736217873 $27.00
Avenues A: Single-Along Language Songs Big Book

Engaging songs and chants for building background, language, and vocabulary.

9780736217897 $94.75
Avenues A: Song CD

2 CD's Corresponding audio to the reading selections in the student book.

9780736218207 $58.00
Picture Perfect Word Book, Big Book

This Big Book is designed to build vocabulary and academic language. It features a large picture for every word, at your fingertips when you need to clarify meaning. Entries are organized around curricular themes (such as Animals, Neighborhood, and Seasons). The word book develops meaning for over 700 words.

9780736201766 $90.25
Vocabulary Builder Set

10 scenes and manipulatives

9780736217880 $590.00
Finger Puppet

Used for phonemic awareness activities.

9780736219693 $1.50
Student Supplements
Avenues A: Practice Book

Student workbook for skills practice. Annotated Teacher's Edition also available.

9780736217866 $14.50