The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History (AP® Edition)

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Authors : Richard W. Bulliet; Pamela Kyle Crossley; Daniel R. Headrick; Steven W. Hirsch; Lyman L. Johnson; David Northrup


1136 Pages  Hardcover 

5th Edition

©2011 , Published


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THE EARTH AND ITS PEOPLES, Fifth Edition, presents world history in a balanced, global framework, shifting the focus away from political centers of power. This truly global text for the world history survey course employs fundamental themes of "environment and technology" and "diversity and dominanc... more


"Environment and Technology" essays in every chapter reinforce the central theme of the text by highlighting and comparing technological developments over time, such as ancient astronomy, camel saddles, and iron production.

"Diversity and Dominance" boxes offer primary source excerpts in every chap... more

New to this Edition

The Fifth Edition features all new maps, designed for visual impact and clarity, that today’s growing number of visual learners will appreciate. Additionally, a new single-column design creates a more user-friendly, open look-and-feel and leaves room to make notes in the margins.

Section Reviews su... more

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