Inside, Legacy

Reading, Writing, and Language Instruction Working Together to Accelerate English Learners and Striving Readers to Achievement

  • Compelling Content to Inspire and Motivate
  • Focused and Connected Instruction
  • Specialized Strategies for Language Development
  • Explicit Teaching with Built-In Assessment
Products Included

David W Moore

Professor of Education Arizona State University Dr. David Moore taught high school social studies and reading in Arizona public schools before entering college teaching. He currently teaches secondary... more

Deborah J Short

Dr. Short directs Academic Language Research & Training and provides professional development on academic literacy, content-based ESL, and sheltered instruction worldwide. At the Center for Applied Li... more

Alfred W Tatum

Associate Professor, Literacy Education Northern Illinois University Dr. Alfred Tatum began his career as an eighth-grade teacher, later becoming a re... more

Dr. Josefina Villamil Tinajero

Dr. Tinajero specializes in staff development and school-university partnership programs and has consulted with school districts in the U.S. to design ESL, bilingual, literacy, and bi-literacy program... more

Gretchen Bernabei

Gretchen Bernabei, a secondary teacher for more than 20 years, shares the strategies in The Good Writer’s Kit that have led her struggling students to a 100% pass rate on her state’s high stakes test.... more

Assessment Handbooks include:

  • Phonemic Awareness Tests and Unit Quick Checks (Levels A-B)
  • Selection Tests (Levels C-E) and Unit Test
  • Affective and Metacognitive Measures, Language Acquisition and Writing Rubrics, and Portfolio Forms.

ExamView® CD-ROM

Unit Test Booklets

Placement Test

Reading Level Gains Test

English Language Gains Test

Summative Assessments include:

  • Mid-Level Test to measure student performance in targeted skills for Units 1–4 at Levels C–-E
  • End-of-Level Test to measure student performance in targeted skills for all units in the level at Levels A–E.

eAssessment includes:

  • Scan-and-score or test online
  • Immediate reports with links to re-teaching.


Inside Learning website for Students includes:

  • Student Book eEdition
  • Online Coach
  • Selection Summaries
  • Project Planning Tools

Inside Teaching website for Teachers includes:

  • Online Lesson Planner
  • Online Professional Development
  • National Geographic Digital Library
  • eAssessment

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