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Reader's Workshop: High School Classroom Set

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Reader's Workshop is a complete package for a reader's workshop experience including components from The Good Reader's Kit and The Good Writer's Kit and a classroom set (20 copies) of The Good Reader's Guide (softcover) and the Reader's Workout. These components come with explicit instruction in reading and writing strategies. Also included are assessment resources and a teaching visuals CD-ROM. Six copies each of 63 titles from the inZone series will allow students to be engaged with grade- and age-appropriate texts and motivated through high interest content. These accessible texts along with downloadable teacher's guides and student journals will ensure a complete Reader's Workshop experience and help students increase reading and writing levels.

Student Supplements
inZone Books: The Wave

In an experiment about power and discipline, students form a group called The Wave which quickly turns into a nightmare, threatening students who refuse to join. Will anyone see how dangerous The Wave has become?

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inZone Books: The Trojan Horse: The Fall of Troy

After ten long years of war against the Trojans, the Greek soldier Odysseus has a secret to plan to win the war. Will Odysseus's daring plan works?

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inZone Books: The Stone Goddess

A new Cambodian government takes control of the country and punishes anyone who dances. How can Nakri and Teeda survive when everything they love is at risk?

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inZone Books: The Outsiders

Ponyboy and his brothers have a rough life, but they have their gang "the greasers" to protect them. When the gang's rivals, the Socials attack Ponyboy and Johnny one day, the rivalry becomes much worse.

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inZone Books: The Other Side of the Sky: A Memoir

Farah Ahmedi has a happy life with her family in Afghanistan until war destroyed everything and she had to move to the United States for a better life. How did she adjust, and what did she have to do to build a new life?

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inZone Books: …And the Earth Did Not Devour Him

The stories in this book are are about the experiences of the poor, migrant farmworker. They depict the cruelty of the life, but also the ability of a community to come together to help one another survive.

9780736231817 $15.50
inZone Books: The Metamorphosis

Gregor Samsa awoke one morning to find himself turned into a giant insect, and his life turned into a nightmare. Nobody appreciated Gregor before, but now that he is an insect will things get worse?

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inZone Books: We Shall Overcome: The History of the American Civil Rights Movement

African Americans did not have equal rights in the United States and were denied the right to vote. Schools, restaurants and even drinking fountains were segregated until people from all over the country united to fight racism.

9780736231862 $15.50
inZone Books: Warriors Don’t Cry

In 1957, Melba Pattillo became one of the nine African American students chosen to attend an all-white high school and endured daily hateful attacks. Years later, Melba reconstructs the events of that year with diary entries and newspaper stories.

9780736231701 $15.50
inZone Books: Walking Stars

The stories in Victor Villasenor's Walking Stars are about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. Villasenor shows that every story, and every family, is filled with magic, if we look hard enough.

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inZone Books: Two Badges: The Lives of Mona Ruiz

Mona Ruiz grew up in a gang lifestyle, but she always wanted to become a police officer. Would Mona get the chance to change her future, or would the gangs decide for her?

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inZone Books: Ties That Bind, Ties That Break

Ailin lives in China in 1911, and everyone in her family wants her to have her feet bound, but she refuses. Did she make the right choice?

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inZone Books: Thura’s Diary: My Life in Wartime Iraq

When the United States and its allies bombed Iraq on March 20, 2003, life changed overnight for 19-year-old Thura Al-Windawi. As the bombs continued to explode all around, she kept a diary to record the horrifying events.

9780736231480 $15.50
inZone Books: Things Fall Apart

Okonkwo is a respected leader of the Ibo tribe. When the British colonize his West African village by erecting a church, Okonkwo watches as the beliefs and traditions of his tribe begin to fall apart.

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inZone Books: Code Talker

Kii Yazhi's whole life changes when he is sent to a church school and taught to be ashamed of his Navajo culture. But many years later, when the U.S. Marines need him for a special mission during W.W. II., will he forget the past and help the United States win the war?

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inZone Books: Cesar Chavez: Fighting for Farmworkers

Cesar Chavez changed the lives of thousands of people when he organized farm workers to join a labor union. His is still remembered as one of the greatest leaders in the history of the United States.

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inZone Books: Bronx Masquerade

Wesley writes a poem for his English class that gives his teacher the idea to create Open Mike Fridays so students can share their poetry. When students begin to share their lives with each other for the first time, they stop judging and start listening

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inZone Books: Crazy Loco

Crazy Loco is a collection of humorous stories about growing up Mexican American. The stories are about family, friends, finding yourself, and sometimes about being a little crazy.

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inZone Books: Dance Hall of the Dead

A Zuni boy and a Navajo boy disappear mysteriously, and Joe Leaphorn of the Navajo Tribal Police who must find them is being followed by a masked creature. Should Joe Leaphorn continue searching and risk his own life?

9780736231688 $15.50
inZone Books: Breaking Through

Young Francisco "Panchito" Jimenez had to work hard as a migrant farm worker to earn money for his family, but he was a good student and wanted a better life? Was Panchito able to please his family without giving up his future?

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inZone Books: Down Garrapata Road

Down Garrapata Road is a collection of stories about four Mexican American families who endure poverty, WWII, and responsibilities that affect them all. But they deal with their struggles with the help of family and their community

9780736231978 $15.50
inZone Books: Emako Blue

Emako had a voice that would make her famous one day, but she died before her dreams came true. Her friends are left alone to mourn her death and share memories of Emako, the girl who was supposed to be a star.

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inZone Books: Dr Jenner and the Speckled Monster: The Search for the Smallpox Vaccine

For hundreds of years, smallpox killed millions of people around the world, and those who survived were left with terrible scars. But in the 1700s, Edward Jenner made a discovery that would change all of that.

9780736231671 $15.50
inZone Books: Dying to Cross: The Worst Immigrant Tragedy in American History

On May 13, 2003, nineteen immigrants were found dead inside a truck traveling from Mexico to Houston. How could this tragedy have happened, and will the whole truth ever be known?

9780736231893 $15.50
inZone Books: Hole in My Life

Jack Gantos dreamed of becoming a famous writer. He wanted a writer's life of adventure and excitement. But instead of traveling around the world, Jack went to prison for smuggling drugs.

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inZone Books: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll has a double life, but then things spin out of control. Can Jekyll control his dark side, or will his dark side control him?

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inZone Books: Dracula

Jonathan Harker arrives in Transylvania to arrange a house sale for Count Dracula, but as the days go by, Harker witnesses horrific events. Soon Harker starts to wonder if Count Dracula is even a real human being.

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inZone Books: Hercules: The Twelve Labors

Hercules must prove his loyalty and legendary strength to his cousin, King Eurystheus. But is he stronger and more clever than an angry goddess?

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inZone Books: Finding Miracles

Milly Kaufman was adopted from Latin America, and it is a secret she is trying to forget. But when Pablo moves to town, Milly suddenly becomes curious about her birth.

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inZone Books: Farewell to Manzanar

In 1941, the Wakatsuki family and all other Japanese Americans were forced to live inside a prison camp. Will they survive the prison camp, and if they do, will their lives ever be the same?

9780736231770 $15.50
inZone Books: Facing the Lion: Growing Up Maasai on the African Savanna

Lemasolai lives in Kenya and believes he will raise cows and live as a tribesman, but then he volunteers to go to school and his life changes for ever. Can Lemasolai live in two worlds at once?

9780736231336 $16.75
inZone Books: Keeper

El Gato grew to become soccer's greatest player. Who could believe that El Gato's trainer was a ghost?

9780736231725 $15.50
inZone Books: Jane Eyre

Jayne Eyre takes up the post of governess at Thornfield Hall. But she soon discovers a terrible secret there, and is faced with a difficult decision.

9780736231374 $15.50
inZone Books: I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree: A Memoir of a Schindler’s List Survivor

In the spring of 1942, Hannelore Wolff left school to join her family in a Jewish concentration camp. But amidst the suffering, she found the will to survive.

9780736231923 $15.50
inZone Books: Hoop Dreams: A True Story

William and Arthur have the potential to go to the NBA, but living in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America could mean trouble for their hopes. Will basketball be their ticket to a better life?

9780736231954 $15.50
inZone Books: Anthem

It is the future, and society as we know it has been destroyed and replaced by one in which there are no individuals. As Equality 7-2521 seeks knowledge, can he survive in a society that considers individual thought and creativity a crime?

9780736231596 $15.50
inZone Books: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass was born a slave in 1817, but he never stopped dreaming of his freedom. How did he use education to get his freedom?

9780736231640 $15.50
inZone Books: Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock homes is a clever detective in the 1800s in London. Join Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson as they follow the clues.

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inZone Books: Monster

Monster is what the prosecutor called 16-year-old Steve Harmon. Is he really a monster, or was he just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

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inZone Books: Miracle’s Boys

Three brothers are raising themselves after they lose both their parents and they are struggling against pretty large odds, can they survive if they stick together?

9780736231572 $15.50
inZone Books: Left Behind: An Alaska Legend of Betrayal, Courage, and Survival

There is not enough food for a group of Athabascan Native Americans to survive the harsh Alaskan winter, and the chief must decide to leave two old women behind. Can the women survive alone, or will they die before the winter is over?

9780736231633 $15.50
inZone Books: Of Sound Mind

Theo wants to go away to college, but how can leave when everyone else in his family is deaf and they depend on him so much? Will Theo lean how to help his family without giving up everything he wants?

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inZone Books: Novio Boy: A Play

Patricia agrees to go to lunch with Rudy, and soon the nervous boy seeks dating advice from his friend Alex. Rudy becomes even more nervous when he realizes he does not have enough money to take her on a date.

9780736231534 $15.50
inZone Books: Necessary Roughness

Chan Kim enjoys playing soccer, until his family has to move to a small town where nobody plays the sport. He has a hard time fitting in, and then a tragic accident forces him to face the toughest challenge of all.

9780736231824 $15.50
inZone Books: Romiette and Julio

Romiette and Julio are from different worlds, but they care only about each other. When gang members want to destroy their love, will Romiette and Julio survive?

9780736231756 $15.50
inZone Books: Picture Bride

In 1917 in Japan, Hana's family finds a Japanese man in the United States for her to marry. But is a picture and few letters enough to start a marriage?

9780736231718 $15.50
inZone Books: Animal Farm

The animals in Manor Farm kick out their human master and take over management of the land. All animals are now equal, but soon the the pigs succumb to the temptations of privilege and power.

9780736231879 $15.50
inZone Books: Parrot in the Oven: Mi Vida

Manny Hernandez's life at home is very difficult, and his friends at school believe gangs are the best teachers. But is this really the education Manny wants?

9780736231664 $15.50
inZone Books: Out of War

Columbia has been at war for over forty years, but some courageous young Columbians try to restore peace to their country. Their efforts in the Children's Movement for Peace build hope for Columbia's future generations.

9780736231398 $15.50
inZone Books: Othello

Iago has become fiercely jealous of Othello's success as a respected general in the King's army, and lies to make him doubt his wife's faithfulness. Will Othello discover the truth, or lose everything because of a lie?

9780736231961 $15.50
inZone Books: Stuck in Neutral

Shawn McDaniel has cerebral palsy. He is trapped inside his own body, unable to communicate with those he loves, and who love him. But if he can't communicate, how do they really know him?

9780736231794 $15.50
inZone Books: Stargirl

Stargirl is not like other people at Mica High. Will Stargirl change, or will the students accept her for who she is?

9780736231411 $15.50
inZone Books: Spike Lee: By Any Means Necessary

Spike Lee wanted to make movies that exposed racial inequality in ways no other filmmaker had done. Though it nearly cost him his career, Lee created films abut African Americans that inspired all races, by any means necessary.

9780736231800 $15.50
inZone Books: Speak

Everyone at school hates Melinda Sordino because of something that happened during the summer, but nobody knows the truth. Melinda wants to erase that memory from her mind, but then something happens that makes her end her silence and speak.

9780736231916 $15.50
inZone Books: September 11, 2001: Attack on New York City

When the World Trade center was attacked on September 11, 2001, life in the United States changed forever. The stories of the New Yorkers who lived through the events are heartbreaking and frightening, but they show how tragedy can change everyday people into heroes.

9780736231619 $15.50
inZone Books: The Afterlife

Chuy's life ends suddenly. While floating around as a ghost, he learns more about himself. Which should he fear more, losing the life he left behind or his next unknown journey?

9780736231695 $15.50
inZone Books: The House of Dies Drear

Thomas and his family move to a huge historic house that people say is haunted. Will the family discover the secrets of the house, or will they be too scared to stay.

9780736231909 $15.50
inZone Books: A Raisin in the Sun

The Younger family is very poor until Mama inherits $10,000. Will the money make all of their dreams come true, or will it tear the family apart?

9780736231749 $15.50
inZone Books: The Friends

Everything seems to be going wrong for Phyllisia, and she needs a friend. But should she be Edith's friend even though Edith is poor and unpopular?

9780736231527 $15.50
inZone Books: The Forbidden Schoolhouse: The True and Dramatic Story of Prudence Crandall and Her Students

In 1833, Prudence Crandall opened a school for African-American girls because she believed in their right to an education. But when this angers her neighbors, will she have to fight for her students' education?

9780736231428 $16.75
inZone Books: The Code: The 5 Secrets of Teen Success

Mawi Asgedom was a shy refugee from Ethiopia who discovered a way to take control of his life. Asgedom asks challenging questions and shows readers how to build a better future for themselves too.

9780736231510 $15.50
inZone Books: The Ch’i-lin Purse: A Collection of Ancient Chinese Stories

This collection of Chinese folk tales includes clever characters who often help strangers. Each story shows how one person's kindness can change another person's life forever.

9780736231435 $15.50
inZone Books: The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

Ticey is a slave girl who takes the name Jane when she is freed. But as she tastes freedom, she also learns how unjust society can be toward freed slaves.

9780736231930 $26.50