Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life

  • AUTHORS: Cecie Starr; Ralph Taggart; Christine Evers
  • ISBN-13: 9781305251328 
  • 992 Pages  Hardcover 
  • 14th Edition
  • ©2016     Published
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About The Product

Written by a team of best-selling authors, Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life 14th Edition reveals the biological world in wondrous detail. Packed with eye-catching photos and images, this text engages students with applications and activities that encourage critical thinking and provides them with the knowledge to tackle the AP® Biology Exam. Chapter opening Learning Roadmaps help students focus on the topics that matter most and section-ending “Take Home Messages” reinforce key concepts. Helpful in-text features include a running glossary, case studies, issue-related essays, linked concepts, self-test questions, data analysis problems, and more. The accompanying MindTap for Biology is the most engaging and easiest to customize online solution in Biology. Known for a clear, accessible style, Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life, 14th Edition puts the living world of biology under a microscope for students to analyze, understand, and enjoy!


  • Unmatched Clarity: Unlike most science texts, Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life 14th Edition makes subjects accessible without glossing over the science—even for the most complex topics.
  • Visual Substance: Both pleasing to the eye and scientifically accurate, the book's art program adds real depth to the material with step-by-step, "Figure It Out" images and animated figures.
  • Key Takeaways: A helpful "Take-Home Message" following each section asks an important question, and gives bulleted answers to promote understanding in detail.
  • Data Analysis: Analytical activities using real data give students the opportunity to hone their critical thinking skills and gain insight into contemporary research.
  • MindTap™ for Biology: You know what's best for your students and you can deliver it with MindTap! The clear and engaging learning path includes student learning tools—readings, activities, videos, assessments, and a new Digital Study Guide—and guides students through their course. Teachers can easily set their course by customizing the learning path and adding their favorite resources. The conceptual exercises in the Aplia problem sets elevate student thinking and promote better outcomes.

About the Contributor

  • Cecie Starr

    For the past two decades, Cecie Starr has been known as one of the best-selling biology textbook authors. Her texts, appreciated for their clarity in both the written word and the visual representation of biological concepts, include multiple editions of BIOLOGY: THE UNITY AND DIVERSITY OF LIFE, BIOLOGY: CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS, and BIOLOGY TODAY AND TOMORROW. Her original dream was to become an architect. Instead of building houses, she now builds, with care and attention to detail, incredible texts based on this philosophy: “I invite students into a chapter through an intriguing story. Once inside, they get the great windows that biologists construct on the world of life. Biology is not just another house. It is a conceptual mansion. I hope to do it justice.”

  • Ralph Taggart

    Ralph Taggart, Former Chair of Biological Sciences at Michigan State University, Ralph Taggert is now the chair of Geological Sciences. Professor Taggart, known for his outstanding research in Paleobotany, has taught the general biology course for over 20 years.

  • Christine Evers

    Christine Evers has been creating multimedia and Web-based materials to supplement Starr and other science texts for ten years. She earned her B.S. in Biology from SUNY Stony Brook. After working as a research assistant studying the developmental biology of slime mold, she was awarded an N.S.F. fellowship to attend Yale, where she studied evolutionary biology and honeybee behavior. She has a strong interest in science education and serves as a member of her local school board.

Table of Contents

1. Invitation to Biology.
2. Life's Chemical Bases.
3. Molecules of Life.
4. Cell Structure.
5. Ground Rules of Metabolism.
6. Where it Starts—Photosynthesis.
7. How Cells Release Chemical Energy.
8. DNA Structure and Function.
9. From DNA to Protein.
10. Control of Gene Expression.
11. How Cells Reproduce.
12. Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction.
13. Observing Patterns in Inherited Traits.
14. Chromosomes and Human Inheritance.
15. Studying and Manipulating Genomes.
16. Evidence of Evolution.
17. Processes of Evolution.
18. Organizing Information about Species.
19. Life's Origin and Early Evolution.
20. Viruses, Bacteria, and Archaea.
21. Protists: The Simplest Eukaryotes.
22. The Land Plants.
23. Fungi.
24. Animal Evolution: The Invertebrates.
25. Animal Evolution: The Chordates.
26. Human Evolution.
27. Plant Tissues.
28. Plant Nutrition and Transport.
29. Life Cycles of Flowering Plants.
30. Communication Strategies in Plants.
31. Animal Tissues and Organ Systems.
32. Neural Control.
33. Sensory Perception.
34. Endocrine Control.
35. Structural Support and Movement.
36. Circulation.
37. Immunity.
38. Respiration.
39. Digestion and Nutrition.
40. Maintaining the Internal Environment.
41. Animal Reproductive System.
42. Animal Development.
43. Animal Behavior.
44. Population Ecology.
45. Community Ecology.
46. Ecosystems.
47. The Biosphere.
48. Human Impacts on the Biosphere.

New to this Edition

  • Human Impacts: Even more engaging, up-to-date content now focuses on real-world applications and the many ways human activities affect the environment.
  • Revealing Artwork: New and improved illustrations and fresh, striking photographs add visual understanding to the concepts in this text, making it ideal for non-biology majors who may have limited prior exposure to biology coursework.
  • Updated Case Studies: Refreshed and more relevant, these case studies highlight key applications, draw connections to the readings, and wrap up learning objectives at the end of each chapter.

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