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Math Big Book Set

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One copy of each Math big books (8 books)

Teacher Supplements

Shows that objects can be counted by ones and by twos and that objects can be sequenced by number.

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Medición y datos

Focuses on measurement and counting as ways to collect data and shows ways to display data.

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Patrones, figuras y simetría

Demonstrates that there are patterns, shapes, and symmetry in nature and in things made by people.

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Comparar Datos

Presents reasons to collect data and ways to compare data, including tables and graphs.

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Figuras Big Book

Teaches the names and properties of basic shapes and shows real-life examples of shapes in the environment.

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Comparar tamaño y peso

Sizes and weights of objects can be measured or compared and then ordered.

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Shows that length, height, width, weight, and volume can be estimated and measured using nonstandard, U.S. customary, and metric units.

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Resolver problemas matemáticos

Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication can be used to solve problems, large numbers can be used to represent large quantities

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