121 Timed Writings with Skillbuilding Drills

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Author : Dean Clayton


128 Pages  Spiralbound 

7th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2000

©2007 , Published


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Developing strong keyboarding skills has never been easier or more fun. With 121 TIMED WRITINGS WITH SKILLBUILDING DRILLS AND MICROPACE PRO 2.0 software, all students, at all levels of keyboarding skill, can improve their speed and accuracy. This book is ideal as a supplement to any keyboarding cour... more


Progressive writings that range from 20 to over 90 words a minute are designed to be completed in 1 minute and motivate students to key faster.

121 timed writings are included for skill building or assessment--a new timing for each day of the course. Timings are counted for 2, 3, and 5 minutes and ... more

New to this Edition

121 TIMED WRITINGS is now available with a student version of MicroPace Pro 2.0 packaged with the book, enabling students to use the program to its fullest capability and not rely on a school network.

The text now provides instructions for using the MicroPace 2.0 software to make learning to use th... more