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Avenues A: Little Language Books

$80.50 9780736217903


1 copy each of 10 titles and 1 Picture Perfect Word Book

Teacher Supplements
Picture Perfect Word Book

A large picture for every word, at your fingertips when you need it to clarify meaning, Develops meaning for over 700 words, Entries organized around curricular themes, such as Animals, Neighborhood, and Seasons, Available in Big and Small Book formats

Student Supplements
Avenues (Little Language Books): The Big Bear

Little Lang Bk: The Big Bear

9780736218009 $6.25
Avenues (Little Language Books): A School

Avenues Little Language Book: A School

9780736217910 $6.25
Avenues (Little Language Books): The Ride

Little Lang Bk: The Ride

9780736217934 $6.25
Avenues (Little Language Books): See The Firefighter

Little Lang Bk: See the Firefighter

9780736217941 $6.25
Avenues (Little Language Books): What Can You Do?

Little Lang Bk: What Can You Do?

9780736217958 $6.25
Avenues (Little Language Books): Hide & Seek

Sam plays a game of hide and seek with his pets

9780736217965 $6.25
Avenues (Little Language Books): What Is It?

Little Lang Bk: What Is It?

9780736217972 $6.25
Avenues A (Little Language Books): Baby Animals

A puppy sees all the baby animals on the farm

Avenues (Little Language Books): Seeds

See how seeds grow

9780736217996 $6.25