Ciao! (High School Edition)

  • AUTHORS: Carla Larese Riga; Irene Phillips
  • ISBN-13: 9781133938347 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • 528 Pages  Hardcover 
  • 8th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2012
  • ©2014     Published
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About The Product

CIAO! continues to set the standard for interactive, flexible introductory Italian instruction with its state-of-the-art online technology package. Not only is this course entirely portable to accommodate the demands of a busy life, it features exciting new capabilities that allow students to share links, photos, and videos, as well as to comment on those posted by their fellow classmates. The eighth edition is distinguished by several new resources and updates that promote the acquisition of Italian language and culture in accordance with the National Standards for Foreign Language Education. Communicative goals are established at the start of each chapter to provide students with clearly defined objectives as they work through the content, while skill-building strategies and interactive activities help them achieve those goals. The all-new "Regioni d'Italia" section establishes a thematic thread that is maintained throughout the chapter and provides plenty of opportunities to make cross-cultural comparisons even within the regions of Italy itself. CIAO!'s fully-updated authentic readings, cultural snapshots, videos, and activities engage students in deeper exploration of the vibrant life of modern-day Italy and the country's rich cultural heritage. Each chapter now ends with a thorough "Ripasso" to ensure student success. Now more than ever, CIAO! provides an all-in-one grammar and vocabulary program that allows students to communicate in Italian with confidence and gives them a unique cultural perspective on an ever-changing Italy.


  • Offering unparalleled flexibility, practice, and support, the newly enhanced iLrn™: Heinle Learning Center all-in-one diagnostic, tutorial, assessment, assignment, and course-management system contains everything students need to master the skills and concepts of the course. It includes diagnostic self-study tools, an audio- and video-enhanced eBook, brand new video cultural modules, an interactive VoiceBoard, and numerous grammar tutorial videos. The new Share It! feature enables sharing and uploading of files, such as videos, for assignments and projects. Share It! also allows students to comment and rate their classmates' uploaded material.
  • CIAO! engages students in learning the four basic language skills through active and practical use of Italian.
  • Richly illustrated, thematically organized chapters with grammatical and lexical structures supporting each chapter's theme, offer a unified approach that makes language learning more effective. Chapter grammar, vocabulary, and thematic emphasis reinforce and build on one another.
  • Video segments invite students to take advantage of thematically appropriate video segments. These engaging segments and accompanying activities can be found online at the text's Premium Website or in the iLrn™: Heinle Learning Center Video Library and integrated into the iLrn interactive e-book.
  • Vedute d'italia cultural/reading sections offer a fresh perspective on an ever-changing Italian life. These high-interest, accessible readings provide varied, up-to-the-minute perspectives on stimulating and diverse topics, such as Italian fashion, films, food, and cuisine; education and students' experience in the job market; immigration and the challenges of a multiethnic society; and families and social change.
  • Step-by-step writing strategies in the "scriviamo" section give students hands-on guidance in implementing key grammar and vocabulary points with accuracy as they work on a variety of creative-writing tasks. These valuable strategies also inform students about the cultural implications of writing style, organization, and structure.
  • Highly visual grammar sections introduce new structures with an illustration to highlight the linguistic concepts. Concise, often-illustrated explanations follow in English. "Punti grammaticali" topics feature collaborative exercises designed to include student participation from the beginning of each activity set.
  • Clear and concise grammatical explanations make Italian accessible and engaging in the most diverse types of teaching situations and with varied types of learners.

About the Contributor

  • Carla Larese Riga

    Carla Larese Riga received her Master of Arts from Stanford University and has worked toward a PhD at the University of California, Berkley. She has over 30 years of experience as a dedicated professor of Italian at various institutions, including Santa Clara University, Stanford University, Foothill College, and De Anza College. She is a scholar of romance languages and is fluent in Italian, French, and Spanish.

  • Irene Phillips

    Irene Bubula-Phillips was born and raised in Italy. She graduated from the University of Trieste with a laureate in modern languages (Spanish and English) and an emphasis on literary translation. After moving to California, she received her MA in Spanish from San Jose State University. She has been teaching Italian and Spanish at Santa Clara since 1996. Ms. Bubula-Phillips is passionate about teaching and sharing her interest in languages and cultures with the students at Santa Clara University.

New to this Edition

  • Defined Communicative Goals: Communicative goals have been added to each chapter opener to support proficiency-based instruction.
  • Intuitive Vocabulary Presentations: To facilitate vocabulary acquisition, many vocabulary lists have been reorganized in logical categories or sorted alphabetically, depending on the context. Expressions and words also have been updated to reflect modern society. Many "Studio di parole" sections feature newly revised illustrations.
  • Focus on Communication: The "Applicazione" and "Pratica" sections include many new and revised skill-building activities, with an emphasis on communication. An open-ended activity, "Adesso parliamo!" has been added at the end of each grammar point to engage students in more communicative tasks. In addition to new group activities that can be expanded to originate further class discussions, other activities feature new visuals that support verbal interaction. Pair interviews have been revised to be more relevant to students' lives, while constant recycling of vocabulary and structures has achieved better integration within the chapters.
  • Emphasis on Skill Development: The skill-building approach of the "Adesso scriviamo!" sections has been fine-tuned and new tasks have been added. Instructions are now more concise, while activities are more open-ended to allow students' creativity to emerge. Throughout the text, new "Note linguistiche" have been added to address specific areas of difficulty for English-speaking learners.
  • Authentic Cultural Presentation: "Sapete che…" cultural notes have been integrated into each chapter to reflect interesting contemporary realities and promote cultural comparisons, while the "Punti di Vista" and "Per finire" dialogues have been replaced and updated to be both level-appropriate and authentic.
  • Regional Focus: Each chapter introduces students to the 20 "Regioni d'Italia" by presenting engaging images and information, as well as links to online materials.
  • Promotion of Cultural Competency: "Vedute d'Italia" readings have been added and others significantly revised, with an emphasis on making the readings level-appropriate and including more contemporary topics. Eleven chapters feature new readings, many of which provide opportunities for cultural comparisons. Fully integrated with the theme of each chapter, the passages are accompanied by reading-comprehension and communicative activities.
  • Fully Integrated Support: Video segments have been carefully edited and shortened and are now tightly integrated with chapter vocabulary themes and grammar components. Post-viewing activities stress comprehension and prompt discussion.
  • Opportunities for Review: Each chapter ends with a new review section to ensure that students have assimilated vocabulary and grammar structures. Assessment exercises can be used for self–review.


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  • Ciao!, 8th: Online eBook Printed Access Card  (ISBN-10: 1285431529 | ISBN-13: 9781285431529)
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