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  • AUTHOR: Lynn B. Hoeltke
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About The Product

CENGAGE'S PHLEBOTOMY VIDEO SKILLS REVIEW portrays the most common and important phlebotomy-related tasks in a stimulating video format. Approximately 70 minutes in total running time, 14 skills-based video segments cover a variety of procedures for blood and other specimen collections, while emphasizing safety, accuracy, efficiency, and patient comfort. Novices will appreciate seeing phlebotomists on the job, interacting and communicating with real patients in the real world. Ideal for students in health care programs as well as professionals working in hospitals, laboratories, or outpatient settings, PHLEBOTOMY VIDEO SKILLS REVIEW is a helpful tool for learning, a refresher, or continuing education in phlebotomy.


  • Ideal Reference Tool: Step-by-step visual training, which coordinates with any phlebotomy skills textbook, shows students how to perform the most common phlebotomy procedures in a variety of health care and lab settings.
  • Emphasis on Professionalism: Real-life scenarios, such as dealing with an angry patient or working with children, and a video specifically devoted to patient relations, illustrate how to work and communicate with patients most effectively.
  • Continuing Education Support: The newest Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) guidelines and standards make this video a great resource for professionals striving to meet continuing education requirements.
  • Stimulating Format: Full-color videos and animations depict clinicians following proper procedures, collecting and labeling a variety of sample fluids, safely transporting samples to the lab, and performing follow-up procedures that minimize errors.

About the Contributor

  • Lynn B. Hoeltke

    Lynn B. Hoeltke, M.B.A., M.T. (A.S.C.P.), P.B.T, D.L.M., works for a leading hospital laboratory in the Midwest. In addition to more than 40 years' experience in various laboratory leadership roles, Mr. Hoeltke has taught on the technical college level, developed and taught a nursing-based program for a hospital, and taught phlebotomy as a career development program for entry-level laboratory positions. He also has served as phlebotomy advisor with Evena Medical to develop infrared imaging as a tool to find veins for venipuncture, and he has consulted with several nursing homes and laboratories in teaching phlebotomy techniques to their staff. Mr. Hoeltke has published several magazine articles, has been a contributing textbook author for COMPREHENSIVE MEDICAL ASSISTING, and is the author of multiple phlebotomy texts, including THE CLINICAL LABORATORY MANUAL SERIES: PHLEBOTOMY, and PHLEBOTOMY: PROCEDURES AND PRACTICE by Delmar, Cengage Learning. He has also assisted in the production of a Phlebotomy Skills Video Review based on the procedures in his textbook.

Table of Contents

1. Phlebotomy Overview: Patient Relations.
2. Phlebotomy Technique: Beginning Procedure Actions.
3. Phlebotomy Technique: Ending Procedure Actions.
4. Venipuncture: Evacuated Tube.
5. Venipuncture: Butterfly- Evacuated Tube.
6. Venipuncture Butterfly Syringe
7. Fingerstick Capillary Puncture.
8. Heelstick Capillary Puncture.
9. Venipuncture: Blood Culture Collection.
10. Venipuncture: Child Immobilization Techniques.
11. Clean Catch Midstream Urine Collection.
12. Collection of a 24-Hour Urine Specimen.
13. Fecal Sample Collection.
14. Throat Culture Collection.
15. Sputum Collection.

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