Practical Computer Literacy

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Authors : June Jamrich Parsons; Dan Oja


438 Pages  Paperback 

3rd Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2010, 2005

©2011 , Published


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PRACTICAL COMPUTER LITERACY, Third Edition, provides clear, comprehensive instruction on the basics of computer literacy. This convenient, reader-friendly text integrates computer concepts, Microsoft Office 2010 applications, and Internet essentials within a streamlined package. Concise lessons wit... more


This convenient text provides thorough, effective instruction on basic computer skills by integrating coverage of essential computer and Internet concepts and Microsoft Office 2010 skills within a streamlined, reader-friendly package.

The accompanying Book-on-CD features animations, screen tours, a... more

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Chirps: Would you like to know the questions that students have while reading their textbooks? Now, Chirps let you find out! Similar to tweets, our Chirps features allows students to send you questions from within their digital textbook. You can also use Chirps as an in-class polling system or as an... more