Microsoft Certified Application Specialist: Microsoft Office 2007 Edition

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Level(s): Flesch-Kincaid

Authors : Rachel Biheller Bunin; Jennifer T. Campbell; Barbara Clemens; Pamela Conrad; Lisa Ruffolo


576 Pages  Hardcover 

1st Edition

©2009 , Published


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This text is not only a replacement for the Pasewark Advanced Course but also an excellent study tool for any course that covers Microsoft Office 2007. Students can use it as a quick, last-minute test prep or a software-skills refresher. The text has been completely revised to meet all of the exam o... more


Step-by-step review of skills prepares students to take the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist exams.

Review Questions, Projects, and Critical-Thinking Exercises offer hands-on application reinforcement.

Full-color screen shots and icons provide visual reinforcement of topics.

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