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Nonfiction Fluent (Science): Animal Habitats, Theme Pack Plus Fiction

$425.25 9780792270577


6 copies each of the Concept Book, 2 Nonfiction Books and 2 Fiction Books (30 books total), Theme Builder, Audiolessons on CD, and online Teacher’s Guide

Teacher Supplements


9780792261551 $9.25
Student Supplements
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Life Science): Life in the Ocean

Most of the ocean animals we know live in the highest zone, or level, of the ocean. This book explores some of the very interesting animals that live in the other zones.

9780792243540 $10.75
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Life Science): The Rain Forest

Explores the four levels of a rain forest and the animals that inhabit them.

9780792287315 $9.25
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent (Science): Rain Forest Discovery, 6-pack

While on a hike in a temperate rain forest, Jess hears a thud and then a rustling sound. Has an animal fallen to the ground?

9781426369575 $84.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent (Science): Turtle Beach Mystery, 6-pack

Josh and his twin sister Alexis know that sea turtle hatchlings have only one chance to get from their nests on the beach to the sea.

9781426369582 $84.00
Windows on Literacy Language, Literacy & Vocabulary Fluent (Science): Animal Habitats, 6-pack

6 copies of Animal Habitats Concept Book. Teaches that animals live in many different kinds of habitats, and that each habitat provides the food, water, oxygen, and shelter that its inhabitants need.

9781426369964 $114.00