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Content-Based Chapter Books Fiction (Science): Single-Copy Set

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Encourage wide reading and connect to core science content with the unforgettable characters and compelling plots in these unique chapter books. Visual pages at the start of each book introduce the setting and characters. Each story unfolds in 4 or 5 chapters and offers a variety of genres. This set includes 1 copy each of 30 titles.

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Content-Based Chapter Books Fiction (Science: Chronicles): Single-Copy Set

The Chronicles series of science-based adventure books introduces high-interest, scientific information within the context of an engaging story. Students are drawn into action-packed, fictional tales by National Geographic writers and photographers. In the process, they learn about important science topics and discover how s... more

Content-Based Chapter Books Fiction (Science: Wildlife Rescue): Single-Copy Set

Wildlife Rescue is a company that helps wild animals. They take care of animals that are sick, injured, or in danger. Each rescue becomes an adventure. It takes our group of heroes all over the country to help endangered animals. Students learn about life science concepts, ecosystems, and the environment. (Genre: Realis... more

Content-Based Chapter Books Fiction (Science: Planet Protectors): Single-Copy Set

Students are introduced to some of the key environmental issues affecting the United States today. Each book explores a particular environmental problem. These fictional accounts develop as students identify a problem and then design a solution. Readers will be thrilled by the engaging stories and, at the same time, t... more

Content-Based Chapter Books Fiction (Science: Science Sleuths): Single-Copy Set

Your students will find out how much fun science is when they go on adventures with the Science Sleuths. The Sleuths help write science articles by following leads and investigating them. They use problem-solving and research skills to solve science-based mysteries. (Genre: Mystery)

This set includes 1 copy eac... more

Content-Based Chapter Books Fiction (Science: Planet Patrol): Single-Copy Set

Students learn about science and field research in the Planet Patrol books. In this series, groups of interns are chosen to visit five different places. They explore different environments and study endangered species. This series shows how to think like a scientist. (Genre: Adventure Stories)

This set includes 1... more

Content-Based Chapter Books Fiction (Science: Eyewitness): Single-Copy Set

Your students will learn about science as they read the Eyewitness series of realistic adventure stories. Each story takes place during a famous American natural disaster. Readers follow the exciting adventures of kids and their families as they struggle to survive. (Genre: Adventure Stories)

This set includes 1 cop... more

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Content-Based Chapter Books Fiction (Science): Classroom Set