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SummerCentral Grades 6-12: Good Reader’s Kit

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18 copies of the Good Reader’s Guide, The Good Reader’s Guide Teacher’s Edition, Reader’s Workout Blackline Masters, Reader’s Workout Teacher’s Annotated Edition, Teaching Visuals on Transparencies, and Assessments.

Teacher Supplements
inZone Teachers Guide: Frankenstein

inZone Teacher's Guide: Frankenstein

9780736258272 $3.50
inZone Teachers Guide: The Jacket

inZone Teacher's Guide: The Jacket

9780736258296 $3.50
inZone Teachers Guide: Rosa Parks

inZone Teacher's Guide: Rosa Parks

9780736258289 $3.50
inZone Teachers Guide: A Walk In The Tundra

inZone Teacher's Guide: A Walk in the Tundra

9780736258302 $3.50
inZone Teachers Guide: Bearstone

inZone Teacher's Guide: Bearstone

9780736258319 $3.50
inZone Teachers Guide: The Three Princes

inZone Teacher's Guide: The Three Princes

9780736258333 $3.50
inZone Teachers Guide: Surviving Hitler

inZone Teacher's Guide: Surviving Hitler

9780736258326 $3.50
inZone Teachers Guide: Matthew Henson

inZone Teacher's Guide: Matthew Henson

9780736258340 $3.50
The Good Reader's Kit: The Good Reader's Guide Teacher's Edition

The teacher's edition is your complete resource for planning and instruction.

The Good Reader's Kit: Reader's Workout Teacher's Annotated Edition

This teacher's edition includes student practice book activities with suggested answers as well as helpful guidelines in the margins.

The Good Reader's Kit: Teaching Visuals on Transparencies

Full-color, visually engaging transparencies introduce basic reading skills and strategies.

9780736234122 $159.75
The Good Reader's Kit: Assessments

This includes an array of assessment tools, including benchmark tests, section and chapter tests, and effective measures as well as rubrics, scoring guides, and tracking forms.

Student Supplements
inZone Book: Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein makes a giant monster out of dead bodies. The monster just wants to be loved, but what happens when the monster can't get what he wants?

inZone Student Journal: Frankenstein

inZone Student Journal: Frankenstein

9780736257954 $3.50
inZone Book: The Jacket

Phil believes Daniel stole his brother's jacket, until he learns that he is wrong. This causes Phil to think hard about his feelings and beliefs about people.

inZone Student Journal: The Jacket

inZone Student Journal: The Jacket

9780736257978 $3.50
inZone Book: Rosa Parks

In 1955 in Alabama, on a bus ride home from work, Rosa Parks made a decision that would change how the whole nation treated African Americans. Will she and the many African Americans that she inspired risk everything to be treated fairly and win equality?

inZone Student Journal: Rosa Parks

inZone Student Journal: Rosa Parks

9780736257961 $3.50
inZone Book: A Walk in the Tundra

The Tundra is a lonely, windy cold, land, but many kinds of animals still live there. How do they survive in this frozen place?

inZone Student Journal: A Walk in the Tundra

inZone Student Journal: A Walk in the Tundra

9780736257985 $3.50
inZone Book: Bearstone

Cloyd Atcitty always ran from trouble until he is sent to work for a lonely old farmer, and Cloyd changes. Now he must make a life or death decision that involves his past and his future.

inZone Student Journal: Bearstone

inZone Student Journal: Bearstone

9780736257992 $3.50
inZone Book: The Three Princes

A beautiful princess will marry the prince who brings her the best gift. Who's gift was the best, and who will marry the princess?

inZone Student Journal: The Three Princes

inZone Student Journal: The Three Princes

9780736258012 $3.50
inZone Book: Surviving Hitler

It is 1939 and the Nazis have taken Jack Mandelbaum to a concentration camp and have separated him from his family. But Jack never gives up hope, and as he becomes friends with the other prisoners together they struggle to survive.

inZone Student Journal: Surviving Hitler

inZone Student Journal: Surviving Hitler

9780736258005 $3.50
The Good Reader's Kit: The Good Reader's Guide (Softcover)

The Good Reader's Guide covers text features and characteristics of 32 genres. It teaches students how to learn and remember new words and also presents reading strategy instruction with graphics and clear language.

inZone Book: Matthew Henson

Mathew Henson survived poverty and racism as an African American, and he survived the dangers and challenges of the Arctic as one of the first people to reach the North Pole. This book tells the story of a man who risked his life to achieve his dreams.

inZone Student Journal: Matthew Henson

inZone Student Journal: Matthew Henson

9780736258029 $3.50
The Good Reader's Kit: Reader's Workout (Practice Book)

This practice book includes student activities for skills practice in vocabulary, language, grammar, reading, and fluency.