Picture Yourself Learning Microsoft® Excel® 2010

  • AUTHORS: Deidre Hayes; Laurie Ulrich Fuller; Jeffery A. Riley; Jennifer Fulton
  • ISBN-13: 9781598638882 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • 336 Pages  Paperback 
  • 1st Edition
  • ©2011     Published
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About The Product

This book is a guide to the features of Microsoft Excel, one of the key products of the Microsoft Office suite. Step-by-step instructions and visual aides help the reader easily learn the software.


  • Uses a simple step-by-step approach to tasks.
  • Features full-color illustrations for better comprehension.
  • Written for beginners, this book describes features for enhancing the appearance of documents with fonts, tables, and graphics, using mail merge to create form letters, working with long documents, and more.
  • Stays directly on topic - how to learn Excel 2010 quickly and use it to become more productive immediately.

About the Contributor

  • Deidre Hayes

    Deidre Hayes spent more than 20 years as a web user experience designer and usability consultant in the corporate environment and has spoken to national audiences on these topics. She oversaw the creation and growth of a successful intranet for a Fortune 500 medical device company and led a team of developers and trainers. Since taking the leap into the freelance world, she has been able to work with a variety of publishers that has given her an opportunity to produce a wide variety of material for readers at all levels of technical ability. When free time allows, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, Alexandra.

  • Laurie Ulrich Fuller

    Laurie Ulrich Fuller has been writing about and teaching people to use Microsoft Office for more than 15 years – including personally training thousands of students, writing hundreds of training manuals, and authoring and co-authoring more than 25 books on subjects including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. Her books on Excel include 2000-page epics that document every button, bell, and whistle, as well as friendlier introductory and troubleshooting books for new users. In addition to writing and teaching, Laurie runs her own firm, Limehat & Company, providing marketing, graphic design, and web development services to clients throughout the country, with a focus on helping growing companies and non-profit organizations build their brand through effective promotions and outreach. You can visit her website at www.limehat.com, and she welcomes reader questions at help@limehat.com.

  • Jeffery A. Riley

    Jeffery A Riley, President of Box Twelve Communications, Inc., earned a technical journalism degree from Oregon State University in 1989 and is a former Staff Writer of the Los Angeles Times. A 15-year veteran of the Information Technology publishing industry, Jeff has had a hand in -- as copy editor, production editor, development editor, acquisitions editor, executive editor, and author -- hundreds of books covering IT topics. As president of Box Twelve, he manages the day-to-day operations of a content solutions firm near Indianapolis.

  • Jennifer Fulton

    Jennifer Fulton is an experienced computer consultant and trainer with over 20 years in the business. Jennifer is the author of more than 100 computer books, served as iVillage's "Computer Coach," and is also a computer trainer for corporate personnel, teaching a variety of classes including Windows, Microsoft Office, PaintShop Pro, and Photoshop Elements. She is a senior partner of Ingenus, LLC.

Table of Contents

1. Creating a Basic Excel Worksheet.
Exploring the Excel Window. Entering Excel Data. Learning Selection Techniques. Editing a Worksheet. Working with Range Names. Using Data Validation.
2. Working with Formulas.
Creating Formulas. Copying Formulas. Creating an Absolute Formula Reference.
3. Using Excel Functions.
Understanding Function Syntax. Creating a Total with the SUM Function. Using Other Functions. Getting Help with Excel Functions.
4. Troubleshooting Formula Errors.
Viewing Formulas. Understanding Common Formula Error Messages. Identifying Formula Precedents and Dependents.
5. Making the Worksheet Look Good.
Changing Cell Formats. Working with Alignment and Spacing. Adding Borders and Shading. Discovering Formatting Shortcuts.
6. Managing Large Amounts of Excel Data.
Working with Multiple Worksheets. Using Find and Replace. Managing Worksheet Views.
7. Sorting Data.
Sorting from the Ribbon. Working with the Sort Command. Sorting by Multiple Criteria. Removing Duplicate Records.
8. Filtering Data.
Creating an AutoFilter. Searching for Blank Cells. Performing a Secondary Filter Selection. Choosing Text Comparison Filters. Choosing Additional Comparison Criteria. Reviewing Other Filter Options. Filtering by Date or Time. Splitting Data into Multiple Columns.
9. Adjusting Page Layout .
Managing Manual Page Breaks. Specifying a Print Area. Setting the Paper Orientation and Size. Shrinking Worksheets to Fit. Setting Page Margins. Repeating Rows and Columns. Printing Gridlines and Headings. Working with Headers and Footers.
10.Printing Your Worksheet.
Previewing Your Work. Printing a Worksheet. E-mailing Workbooks.
11. Generating Excel Charts.
Creating a Basic Chart. Inserting a Chart. Changing the Chart Options.
12. Inserting Illustrations.
ClipArt. Pictures. Shapes. Text Boxes. SmartArt.
13. Setting Security Options.
Hiding a Workbook. Inspecting for Private Information. Protecting Worksheets. Unlocking Cells. Hiding Cell Formulas. Marking a Workbook as Final. Assigning a File Password.
14. Collaborating With Others.
15. Pivot Tables.
16. Excel Options.