Beginning Essentials in Early Childhood Education

  • AUTHORS: Ann Gordon; Kathryn Williams Browne
  • ISBN-13: 9781305089037 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • 256 Pages  Paperback 
  • 3rd Edition
  • ©2016     Published
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About The Product

BEGINNING ESSENTIALS IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION, Third Edition, is a streamlined foundations textbook that introduces early childhood students to the field. This unique text is organized to answer four key questions: What is the field? Who is the child? Who is the teacher? and What is being taught? The four sections address the essentials of early childhood education, emphasizing multiculturalism and developmentally appropriate practice. New to this edition, “Teacher Talk” boxes are first-person accounts from teachers who reflect on their experiences in the classroom and provide valuable, applicable advice for those entering the profession. In addition, “Brain Research” boxes showcase some of the most important aspects of brain research and development today, connecting it to the classroom. Other features include special boxed material that highlights key issues related to standards, diversity, DAP, professionalism, and ethics. Video features introduce videos of actual early childhood settings that are available on the accompanying website, an invaluable resource that provides instructors and students with opportunities for reflection as well as for personal and professional development.


  • The book takes a developmental approach, rather than a subject-oriented approach, to help readers understand developmentally appropriate practice. Special topics related to ethics, diversity, standards, and professionalism highlight the practical applications of the material in the main text. In addition, “Teacher Talks” in every chapter provide first-person accounts of classroom challenges that early childhood educators are likely to encounter.
  • Learning Outcomes are correlated to the main sections in each chapter as well as to chapter summaries, focusing students' reading and showing them what they need to know, understand, and be able to apply after completing the chapter.
  • Standards integration shows how the text chapters correlate to the key NAEYC Standards, including chapter-opening listings of NAEYC Standards, integrated coverage of standards throughout the book, and a convenient Correlation Chart on the inside book covers that indicates where standards coverage appears.

About the Contributor

  • Ann Gordon

    Ann Miles Gordon has been an early childhood professional for more than 45 years as a teacher of young children, a teacher of parents, and a teacher of college students. She has taught in laboratory schools, church-related centers, and private and public preschool and kindergarten programs. Ann taught at the Bing Nursery School, the laboratory school for Stanford University's Department of Psychology, where she was a head teacher and lecturer in the Psychology Department. Ann also served as an adjunct faculty member in several community colleges, teaching the full gamut of early childhood courses. Ann served as executive director of the National Association of Episcopal Schools for 14 years, where more than 1,100 early childhood programs were a part of her network. Ann is semi-retired and a hands-on grandmother of two, through which she brings an enhanced perspective on center-based care and early elementary grades.

  • Kathryn Williams Browne

    Kathryn Williams Browne has been teaching children, families, and students for more than 30 years. First a teacher of young children--in nursery school, parent cooperatives, full-day child care, pre-kindergarten, bilingual pre-school, kindergarten, and first grade--she moved to Stanford University's lab school, where she served as head teacher and psychology lecturer. Co-authoring with Ann Miles Gordon was enhanced by Kate's role as a parent, while her consultant and school board experience offered perspectives on public policy and reform. Kate teaches in the California Community College system and Early Childhood Mentor program, which offer the richness of a diverse student population coupled with the challenges of access and privilege that parallel those in the early education field itself.

Table of Contents

1. History and Current Issues of Early Childhood Education.
2. Types of Programs.
3. Defining the Young Child.
4. Developmental and Learning Theories.
5. Teaching: A Professional Commitment.
6. Observation and Assessment: Learning to Read the Child.
7. Guidance Essentials.
8. Families and Teachers: An Essential Partnership.
9. Creating Environments.
10. Curriculum Essentials.

New to this Edition

  • NEW: MindTap for Education is a first-of-its-kind digital solution that prepares teachers by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and competencies they must demonstrate to earn an education degree and state licensure, and to being a successful career. Through activities based on real-life teaching situations, MindTap elevates students’ thinking by giving them experiences in applying concepts, practicing skills, and evaluating decisions, guiding them to become reflective educators.
  • New “Teacher Talks” vignettes, written experiences from classroom teachers, appear in every chapter to bring the reality of the classroom to students. These vignettes enhance students' understanding of the variety of teacher roles and responsibilities as well as provide a window to the personal and professional growth of a teacher.
  • New A new “Brain Research Says. . .” feature in each chapter highlights some of the most important aspects of brain research and development today. The research is linked to classroom use and teacher application through questions that invite students to reflect on how this information relates to their teaching.
  • New TeachSource Digital Downloads are practical and professional resources, often customizable, that allow students to immediately implement and apply the textbook's content in the field. The student downloads these tools to keep, enabling preservice teachers to begin to build their library of resources. A TeachSource Digital Downloads label identifies these items throughout the text.
  • New topics such as technology in the classroom, media culture, challenging behavior, and intentional and reflective teaching assure the book's currency and broaden students' knowledge of early education.
  • A new chart on Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum Models clarifies and defines the differences and similarities of early childhood programs.
  • TeachSource Videos, many of which are new to this edition, feature footage from the classroom to help students relate key chapter content to real-life scenarios. Introduced in the text, the videos are accompanied by critical-thinking questions that provide opportunities for in-class or online discussion and reflection.

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