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Avenues E: Teacher Support Pack with English At Your Command!

$731.25 9780736222143


Practice Book, Practice Book Teacher’s Edition, Language Songs Big Book, Song and Selection CDs (5 CDs), PhotoFile Picture Cards, Kidspiration CD-ROM, 5 copies of softcover Handbook (Encore Edition) and Teacher’s Edition

Teacher Supplements
Avenues E: Single-Along Language Songs Big Book

Includes recordings of the reading selections in the Student Book.

9780736217163 $94.75
Avenues E: Song & Selection CDs

Engaging songs and chants for building background, language, and vocabulary. 5 CDs also include recordings of the reading selections in the Student Book.

9780736220392 $140.50
Avenues E: Photofile Picture Cards

Grade-specific visuals tied to unit themes accelerate vocabulary and concept development for English learners.

9780736217194 $102.50
Kidspiration 3 CD Single Unit

Kidspiration 3 CD-ROM Single Unit

9781933238913 $69.00
English At Your Command! Intermediate (Encore): Teacher's Edition

Provides support for evaluating student work and answers to Student Handbook practice pages.

9780736219747 $89.50
Student Supplements
Avenues E: Practice Book

Student workbook for skills practice.

9780736217149 $11.00
English At Your Command! Intermediate (Encore): Student Handbook (Softcover)

Provides comprehensive writing and grammar support for tested writing forms. Meaningful context, clear visuals and understandable language. Writing models and real-world examples speak to students.

9780736219723 $44.75