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About The Product

COURSEBUILDER CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT: RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION METHODS & MATERIALS is composed of 30 multi-media online lessons designed for students to master the basics of residential construction. Delivered in an interactive and engaging style, Course Builder covers topics such as basements, crawlspaces, slab-on-grade foundations, walls, windows, doors, roofs, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plus water management fundamentals, building for performance, and best practices. Students will not only acquire basic preparation needed to enter the homebuilding industry, but also improve the quality of their knowledge of home building. Interactive features include assessments to determine if students have a grasp of lesson objectives, flash cards review key terms and calculations, and questions that build the connection between prior knowledge and new content. The online format provides immediate, specific feedback to reinforce what the student understands and to provide clarification as necessary.


  • Interactive online delivery ensures engagement and learning.
  • Clear learning objectives to establish purpose for student.
  • Real-world content with strong image support to increase comprehension of important concepts.
  • Content broken into manageable units to keep the learner engaged.
  • Interactive questions embedded into the content build the connection between prior knowledge and new content.
  • Immediate, specific feedback to reinforce what the student learns and provide clarification as necessary.
  • Assessments to determine whether or not students met lesson objectives.
  • Definitions of key terms provided within the content to support student understanding.
  • Videos, case studies, and unit engagers connect lesson content with the real work of residential construction.

About the Contributor

  • Scott Kelting

    Scott Kelting, Assistant Professor at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo's Construction Management Department, has a solid history in quality home building. As an Assistant Purchasing Manager and Site Supervisor, he managed the day-to-day operations of residential home construction for multiple neighborhoods on the Central Coast of California. Scott holds two degrees in Industrial Technology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and currently teaches home building means, methods, estimating scheduling and contracts.

Table of Contents

LESSON 1: Introduction to the Construction Process.
Unit 1: The Homebuilding Process.
Unit 2: The Home’s Benefits and Features.
LESSON 2: Builders Team and Project Controls.
Unit 1: The Teams.
Unit 2: The Project Controls.
LESSON 3: Building for Performance.
Unit 1: Building Performance and You.
Unit 2: Gravity, Wind, Earth, and Building Performance.
Unit 3: Air Movement and Building Performance.
Unit 4: Water and Building Performance.
Unit 5: Heat Transfer and Building Performance.
Unit 6: The Home as a System.
LESSON 4: House Placement- Foundations.
Unit 1: The Key House Placement Issues.
Unit 2: Placing the House and Setting the Grade.
Unit 3: Understanding the Soil.
Unit 4: Excavating.
LESSON 5: Constructing the Foundation.
Unit 1: Excavating the Slab Area.
Unit 2: Preliminary Stages of Foundation Construction.
Unit 3: Slab Construction.
Unit 4: Basements and Crawlspaces.
LESSON 6: Water Management: Slab-on-grade Foundations.
Unit 1: Water Management for Slab-on-grade Foundations.
Unit 2: Monolithic Slab Installation Details.
Unit 3: Water Management for Basements and Crawlspaces
Unit 4: Basement Installation Details.
Unit 5: Crawlspace Installation Details.
LESSON 7: Framing: Floors.
Unit 1: The Floor System.
Unit 2: Cantilevers and Rough Openings.
Unit 3: Beams and the Sill Plate.
LESSON 8: Floor Joists and Subflooring.
Unit 1: Floor Joist Systems.
Unit 2: Subflooring.
LESSON 9: Framing: Walls.
Unit 1: Wall Systems.
Unit 2: Stud Wall Construction and Details.
Unit 3: Structural Requirements.
LESSON 10: Framing: Walls, Interior.
Unit 1: Interior Details.
LESSON 11: Basic Fastener Installation Simpson Strong Tie.
Unit 1: Basic Fastener Installation.
LESSON 12: Steel Strong-Wall® Shearwall Installations.
Unit 1: Sharwall Installations.
LESSON 13: Plated Truss Products.
Unit 1: Simpson Truss Products.
LESSON 14: Framing: Roofs, Overview.
Unit 1: Roof Framing Basics.
LESSON 15: Framing: Roof Systems and Features.
Unit 1: Roof Systems.
Unit 2: Roof Features.
LESSON 16: Plumbing, Overview.
Unit 1: Plumbing Overview.
LESSON 17: Plumbing, Installation.
Unit 1: Underground Plumbing.
Unit 2: Rough Plumbing.
Unit 3: Finish Plumbing.
LESSON 18: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.
Unit 1: HVAC Overview.
LESSON 19: HVAC Installation.
Unit 1: Rough HVAC.
Unit 2: Finish HVAC.
LESSON 20: Electrical, Overview, and Service Cable Installation.
Unit 1: Electrical Overview.
Unit 2: Service Cable Installation.
LESSON 21: Electrical- Rough and Finish Installation.
Unit 1: Rough Electrical.
Unit 2: Finish Electrical.
LESSON 22: Water Management: Roofs.
Unit 1: Water Management for Roofs.
Unit 2: Installation Details.
LESSON 23: Water Management: Walls.
Unit 1: Water Management for Walls.
Unit 2: Installation Details.
LESSON 24: Water Management: Windows and Doors.
Unit 1: Water Management for Windows and Doors.
Unit 2: Installation Details.
LESSON 25: Insulation and Air Sealing, Overview.
Unit 1: Insulation and Air Sealing Overview.
Unit 2: Moisture Management.
Unit 3: Insulation Types.
LESSON 26: Energy Efficiency and Insulation Installation.
Unit 1: Ensuring energy efficiency.
Unit 2: Insulating the Home.
LESSON 27: Drywall.
Unit 1: Overview of Drywall.
Unit 2: Pre-Drywall Preparation.
Unit 3: Drywall Installation.
LESSON 28: SWPPP Compliance.
Unit 1: Stormwater Pollution and the Clean Water Act.
Unit 2: Preparing the SWPPP.
Unit 3: Implementing and Inspecting BMPs.
Unit 4: Posting and Recordkeeping.
LESSON 29: Jobsite Safety I.
Unit 1: Fall Safety Basics.
Unit 2: Scaffolds.
Unit 3: Working and walking surfaces.
Unit 4: Stairways and Ladders.
LESSON 30: Jobsite Safety II.
Unit 1: Safety from Being Struck or Crushed.
Unit 2: Electrical Safety.
Unit 3: Excavation Safety.

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