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  • AUTHOR: Delmar, Cengage Learning
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  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
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About The Product

Help students develop the problem-solving skills needed to become successful health care professionals with Delmar, Cengage Learning’s Learning Lab for Critical Thinking for Health Care Professionals. Fifteen video-based, interactive scenarios direct students to make decisions related to real-world dilemmas they may encounter on the job and explore the positive and negative outcomes of their selections. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced scenarios address safety, infection control, HIPAA, communication, ethics, and other topics common to all health care disciplines. Pre- and post-assessments guage progress and decision-branching offers a safe learning environment for students to see the consequences of poor judgement. The Learning Lab platform lets instructors assign in-class and at-home activities, track progress and performance, and provide immediate feedback as needed.


  • Interactive Learning: These hands-on videos walk students through decision-making trees and ask them to solve the problem themselves. Students have the opportunity to explore the consequences of making the wrong decision in a safe learning environment.
  • Convenient Course Management: The Learning Lab platform allows instructors to assign activities and track student outcomes automatically.
  • Relevant Training: The Learning Lab for Critical Thinking for Health Care Professionals portrays potential on the job situations students are likely to encounter to encourage better decision-making for new health care professionals.

About the Contributor

  • Delmar, Cengage Learning

Table of Contents

1. Managing Patient Complaints.
2. Medical Records Accuracy.
3. Payment Policies.
4. Drug Diversion.
5. Infection Exposure Control.
6. Patient Identity and HIPAA.
7. Peer Communication and HIPAA.
8. Handling Harassment.
9. Records Requests and HIPAA.
10. Office Emergency Procedures.
11. Patient Comfort.
12. Addressing Fraud.
13. Child Abuse: Knowing Your Role.
14. Following Emergency Procedures.
15. Hematemesis.

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