• AUTHOR: Richard L. Daft
  • ISBN-13: 9781305393462 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • 800 Pages  Loose-leaf 
  • 12th Edition
  • ©2016     Published
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About The Product

Equip students with the confidence and innovative skills they need to manage successfully in today's rapidly changing, turbulent business environment. The latest edition of Daft's market-leading MANAGEMENT helps you develop managers who look beyond traditional techniques and ideas to tap into a full breadth of innovative management skills. MANAGEMENT, 12E addresses emerging themes and the issues most important for meeting today's management demands and challenges. A blend of proven management techniques and new competencies demonstrates how to harness creativity and lead change as students learn to put theory into practice. D.A.F.T. defines Management with the best in new and proven management competencies. D. Development of the latest managerial theories and innovative skills prepares students to adapt to new technologies and inspire exceptional performances in managerial roles. A. Applications focus on contemporary ideas and relevance to students, using a combination of cutting-edge exercises, memorable examples, new video cases, and topics not typically found in other management texts. F. Foundations in the best management practices combine fresh ideas with proven research organized around the four functions of management. T. Technology in a leading support package delivers innovative solutions--from course management tools to new video cases, a media-rich eBook, and MindTap™--to help ensure that students reach their full management potential.


  • The new MindTap™ learning system offers a dynamic way to bring course concepts to life with interactive learning, study, and exam-preparation tools that are fully integrated with this edition of the text.
  • "REMEMBER THIS" FEATURE REINFORCES KEY CONCEPTS FOR STUDENT RECALL. These easily recognizable sections at the end of each major topic discussion throughout this edition distill key concepts into easy-to-read bulleted lists. Students find a one-stop shop for quick concept review as this section highlights key terms and definitions in addition to other key points important to the management concept.
  • FOCUS ON EMERGING THEMES AND INNOVATIVE EXAMPLES. This edition focuses on today's ever-changing business landscape and the recent and critical challenges facing managers working within this environment. A "Hot Topic" icon used throughout the text draws students' attention to some of the most up-to-date examples of management turbulence.
  • "ON THE JOB" VIDEO CASES PROVIDE BEHIND-THE-SCENES INSIGHTS INTO TODAY'S MANAGEMENT ISSUES. "On the Job" video cases, filmed specifically for Daft's MANAGEMENT, take viewers into the inner workings of innovative organizations, including Camp Bow Wow, Theo Chocolates, and Barcelona Restaurants.
  • SELF-ASSESSMENTS ENCOURAGE PERSONAL MANAGERIAL DEVELOPMENT. Students immediately become engaged in chapter topics as brief "Opening Questionnaires" pose thought-provoking questions related to the chapter's content. In addition, "New Manager Self-Test" features within each chapter enable students to inventory their personal skills and check their understanding of how concepts apply firsthand to the manager's role. These features are also available with MANAGEMENT's MindTap Reader, providing students with access to a wealth of online analytics and additional data that make them far more engaging and dynamic.
  • END-OF-CHAPTER EXERCISES ALLOW STUDENTS TO EXPERIENCE AND APPLY MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS. Engaging end-of-chapter "Experiential Exercises," "Small Group Breakouts," and "Ethical Dilemmas" allow students to work individually or in teams to check their understanding of management principles as they experience common management situations and apply concepts to practical events.
  • "CASES FOR CRITICAL ANALYSIS" SHARPEN DIAGNOSTIC SKILLS FOR MANAGEMENT PROBLEM SOLVING. Brief but substantive cases at the end of each chapter provide opportunities to apply, analyze, and discuss management events within well-known organizations. Case situations are based on real management events, although the identities of companies and managers have been disguised.

About the Contributor

  • Richard L. Daft

    Richard L. Daft, Ph.D., is the Brownlee O. Currey, Jr. Professor of Management and Principal Senior Lecturer in the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University, where he specializes in the study of leadership and organization theory. Dr. Daft is a fellow of the Academy of Management and has served on the editorial boards of Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, and Journal of Management Education. He was associate editor-in-chief of Organization Science and associate editor of Administrative Science Quarterly. Dr. Daft has authored or co-authored 13 books, including The Executive and the Elephant, Organization Theory and Design, and Management. He also has authored dozens of scholarly articles, papers, and chapters, and he has published in the Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management; Accounting, Organizations and Society, Management Science, MIS Quarterly, and Organizational Behavior Teaching Review. Dr. Daft has received several government research grants in organization design, organizational innovation and change, strategy implementation, and organizational information processing. An active teacher and respected consultant, Dr. Daft has served as associate dean and helped manage a start-up enterprise. He has been involved in management development and consulting for numerous organizations, including the American Banking Association, AutoZone, Bridgestone, Vulcan Materials, TVA, Pratt & Whitney, Allstate Insurance, State Farm Insurance, the United States Air Force, the U.S. Army, Central Parking System, USAA, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Table of Contents

1. The World of Innovative Management.
2. The Evolution of Management Thinking.
3. The Environment and Corporate Culture.
4. Managing in a Global Environment.
5. Managing Ethics and Social Responsibility.
6. Managing Start-Ups and New Ventures.
7. Managerial Planning and Goal Setting.
8. Strategy Formulation and Execution.
9. Managerial Decision Making.
10. Designing Organization Structure.
11. Managing Change and Innovation.
12. Managing Human Resource.
13. Managing Diversity.
14. Understanding Individual Behavior.
15. Leadership.
16. Motivating Employees.
17. Managing Communication.
18. Leading Teams.
19. Managing Quality and Performance.
Appendix: Managing the Value Chain, Web 2.0, and E-Business.

New to this Edition

  • MindTap™ helps you elevate student thinking by enabling students to demonstrate that they can both think and act like managers through a progression of content, including experiential exercises. MindTap™ is a personalized, fully online digital learning platform that engages students through a carefully designed chapter-based learning path which includes the MindTap Reader eBook, assignments developed for the most important concepts in each chapter, brief quizzes, interactive self-assessments, and a set of web applications known as MindApps. MindApps range from Kaltura (insert inline video and audio into your curriculum) to ConnectYard (create digital "yards" through social media-all without "friending" your students).
  • MindTap Reader includes many media enhancements designed to aid students' comprehension of the material. Eleven animated video clips provide additional explanations of some of the toughest concepts to grasp, such as conducting a SWOT analysis, the organization-environment relationship, financial analysis, ethics, decision making, and organizational development. Approximately 15 of the figures are dynamic and interactive, allowing students to study, work with, and master the material more easily and thoroughly. "On the Job" videos are embedded within the cases for convenience.
  • A truly unique breakthrough in MANAGEMENT, 12E's MindTap™ is the inclusion of online role-play exercises and group activities. These experiential exercises help students to "think and act like managers" by giving them opportunities to collaborate online, apply course concepts, and create solutions to realistic management problems. These assignments enable students to practice the kind of technical, human, and conceptual skills that today's companies say they want in the managers they hire. Accessible to students and teachers only within MindTap™, this turnkey homework solution works for both online and on-ground students. No other educational product offers this unique combination of value-adding, skill-building content and collaborative work tools.
  • All homework, quiz, and test question banks have been revised and updated to work together in a continuous flow for students. The questions grow in intensity, preparing students for increasingly challenging questions on the exams.
  • The 12th edition of MANAGEMENT has been thoroughly updated with countless new examples taken from the most current business news stories. New material includes Hot Topics such as managerial scandals in the U.S. Secret Service, customer demands for ethical behavior in suppliers, international governmental regulations, energy and other resources, the need for optimism, and the response to natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy. There also are numerous new Innovative Way mini-cases spotlighting companies such as HCL Technologies, Morning Star, Menlo Innovations, Olympus, Nasty Gal, Toyota, Yahoo, Virgin Group, and Hallmark Cards.
  • In response to reviewers' requests, the author has included new or dramatically revised sections on managing the technology-driven workplace, managing the people-driven workplace, the organization-environment relationship, managers' ethical choices, managing change, innovations in HRM, leadership, motivation, and more.
  • Two-thirds of the "On the Job" video cases have been replaced with new video clips focusing on common managerial dilemmas and providing an insider's look at how real-world managers solve them. These new video clips highlight managers at the kind of small and large companies to which students can relate, such as Honest Tea, Mi Ola Swimwear, Bissell Brothers Microbrewery, and Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning.