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Content-Based Readers Fiction Early (Math): Classroom Set

$224.75 9780792275251


This set includes 6 copies each of 4 fiction books (24 books total) and the Teacher's Guide on CD-ROM. Each beautifully illustrated and carefully leveled title features essential content in math (key concepts, vocabulary, and real world applications). Pair with nonfiction to create a balanced approach to beginning literacy in your classroom.

Teacher Supplements
Content-Based Readers Fiction: Teacher's Guide on CD-ROM

The Teacher's Guide on CD-ROM includes instruction differentiated by proficiency level.

9781426353345 $78.50
Student Supplements
Content-Based Readers Fiction Early (Math): A Bird and a Bug, 6-pack

The comparison of sizes will make readers think as they enjoy this simple story about survival in nature.

9781426367885 $55.50
Content-Based Readers Fiction Early (Math): Look How Tall I Am!, 6-pack

A playful family - Ryan, Ben, Carmen, and Dad - measure themselves to see who is the tallest. They mark their heights on a chart.

9781426367878 $55.50
Content-Based Readers Fiction Early (Math): The Heavy Hippo, 6-pack

A family visits an animal exhibit and has the most fun learning about the weight of a hippo.

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Content-Based Readers Fiction Early (Math): The Perfect Pizza, 6-pack

Mrs. Lee teaches her students counting and other math skills while designing the class's perfect pizza.

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